Saturday, May 9, 2009

Assembling the SFG

We positioned the boxes, weed whacked the grass as low to the ground as we could, and placed a layer of wet cardboard beneath the boxes. This cardboard will kill the grass and decompose underneath the Mel’s Mix during the summer.

We mixed 8 cubic foot batches at a time right in our tractor cart. This is enough mix to fill one 4x4-foot box. It took only a couple hours to fill our three boxes.

We hosed it down several times as we filled the box and gave it a final soaking when we finished. We are expecting rain later this afternoon and tomorrow, so the mix will get good and hydrated.

This is where we are with our first SFG so far. I still need to setup the grid to divide the squares. I am not sure yet what I will use for this yet. I have two trellises setup for tomatoes. I will add netting to these later.

This is my garden plan for this year:

Beans, cucumber, squash, and lettuce will be planted from seeds. I have ordered most of my transplants from Green Mountain Transplants and these should arrive at the end of May. I am expecting to do some last minute modifications to this plan as sometimes items I order are discontinued and substitutions may occur. Usually they substitute with like items so I may not need to change much. So we will see what happens.

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