Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am accomplishing a lot this weekend

I am honored to have gained some followers to this blog. Thank you so much for being interested in my little garden spot.

I am accomplishing a lot this weekend. I took a vacation day on Friday and I lucked out as it turned out to be the nicest day of the week weather-wise.

As I walked out the door I heard a humming coming from the mock cherry tree that is now in full bloom. I was excited to see thousands of bees at work among the blooms. There were so many that I have to wonder if they came from the apple orchard nearby.

Speaking of apples. Our apple trees have begun to bloom. I usually like to avoid using any type of chemicals on anything that we eat. However, I have learned that it will be virtually impossible for us to have edible apples without using something to control fungus, scab, and other insects.

Last year we used an organic fertilizer and a fruit tree spray recommended to us by our local greenhouse and nursery, Skillins Greenhouses. Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain and were unable to stick to the recommended spray schedule, which requires that you spray every 7-10 days when it isn't windy, the leaves are not wet, or rain is not expected soon after spray. In addition, our sprayer had some difficulty reaching the top branches of our mature apple trees. We had very few apples that were ok. We are trying again this year and hope for better results. Now that they are in bloom and we will wait until the petals drop to continue our spray schedule so the bees can do their work pollinating the trees.

As far as gardening, I focused mostly on the vegetable garden trying to dig out the crabgrass and weeds before tilling with our little Mantis. I love this machine. It’s small enough for me to use and it really gets the job done as long as you have soil that is stone free.

Remember, this is what I faced last week:

We are expecting rain overnight and into tomorrow. This will get the garden moistened enough that we can apply the solar mulch. I don’t expect our transplants to arrive until sometime Memorial Day week.

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