Friday, May 15, 2009

Transplanting Garlic to the SFG

I transplanted some garlic to my SFG this week. Usually garlic is planted in the fall, then harvested at the end of the growing season the following year.

I originally planted this garlic in the fall of 2007 expecting it to be ready for harvest around August 2008. I was unable to keep up with the grass and weeds that seem to want to take over my traditional garden. When I went to look for my garlic last fall, I couldn’t find any. I just assumed that it didn’t make it.

Fast forward to Spring 2009. I am cleaning up my garden, pulling out all the dead weeds and grass from last year and what do I find? Many, many garlic shoots sprouting up among the wreckage. It seems the garlic was there all along, but has now gone to seed and split into numerous clumps of new growth.

They are growing so close together that they don't have room to develop into heads.

So I divided up a few clumps and transplanted them to the SFGs planting 9 per square foot. They are not looking too good right now so we will see how they do. The rest are still in the same spot.

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