Friday, May 22, 2009

My transplant order arrived today!!

Absolutely perfect timing, as I am ready and looking forward to the long weekend in the garden.

The FedEx guy left the box on it’s side in spite of the large letters and huge black arrow that stated “Live Plants” and which direction was “up.”

Two tomato seedlings tumbled out of their cells and sadly; there was one decapitation of an extra Yellow Doll Watermelon (I had only planned on 3, so I wasn’t too disappointed to have lost the unexpected 4th).

Overall the transplants looked to be in pretty good shape and ready to be planted. It will be a short hardening off time as I will be leaving them outside over next few days, but they will be planted by the end of the weekend.

As expected, there were a few substitutions. When I placed my order, I did so on the vendor’s website which hasn’t been updated for several years. I knew some of my choices were subject to substitution because the have discontinued varieties over the year. Mostly what were omitted were herbs that I had planned on growing in containers or other parts of the yard. However, they substituted additional number of plants of other items I ordered such as peppers and tomatoes. I also ordered a bunch of onions that were supposed to contain 25 (2 squares in the SFG), but I ended up with about 40. I am very pleased, but need to find room for the extras. So I spent most of the evening revising my vegetable garden plan to fit in the additional plants.

The garden planning is getting kind of tricky. My goal was to see the growth difference between the new Square Foot Garden (SFG) and traditional garden. I have tried to split up tomatoes and pepper plants so that some are in the SFG and some are in the traditional garden. The only ones that I have failed to plan this comparison to are the Super Marzano Tomatoes as I felt they would do much better with the trellis in the SFG than in tomato cages in the traditional garden.

Instead, I will do a SWC vs. SFG comparison as 2 of these will now be planted in one of the new Self Watering Containers (SWC) that we will be building over the weekend. 5 more will be planted in the SFG.

The 2 Self Watering Containers (SWCs) will come in quite handy. I am swapping the 2 eggplants that were going into the SWC to 2 squares in the SFG as they only require a spacing of 1/sq ft. 4 tomatoes will be planted in the 2 SWCs instead.

2 Window Box Roma Tomatoes were planned in 8 squares of the SFG, but it seems like a lot of real estate for 2 bush type plants that only grow to be about 20-inches high. So now 2 are going to be placed in a SWC, 1 will be planted in the SFG, and 3 more will be planted in the traditional garden.

2 Super Marzano Tomatoes will also be planted in our new SWC with tomato cages. 5 more Super Marzano Tomatoes will be planted in the SFG along trellises. To be honest with you, I am extremely concerned about the strength of the pvc trellis that we currently have on the SFG boxes. Super Marzano Tomatoes produce fruit that is 5-inches long. So K and I will be revising the trellis structure for these. There will be 3 tomato plants on one 4-foot trellis and 2 on another.

This is the revised plan (click on image to view larger):

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