Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pruning Tomatoes

I have two varieties of Tomatoes in my garden this year. The Window Box Roma variety is a determinate (bush type) tomato specifically bred to grow in pots. It will grow to about 20 inches and all it's fruit usually ripens around the same time.

The second variety I am trying this year is called Super Sarno Hybrid which is an indeterminate (vining type) tomato. The vines will continue growing in length throughout the growing season and continue to set and ripen fruit until killed off by frost.

The Super Sarnos will grow along a trellis in the SFG, but they will need to be pruned in order to grow in this small space. Pruning reduces extra leaves and side sucker branches that will rob the main plant of energy needed to grow fruit. This is especially important in the short growing season here in Maine.

Here are a couple links on tomato pruning:
Growing Tomatoes: A Guide to Pruning Tomato Plants
The Fine Garden: Pruning Tomatoes

And this video from The Growing Wisdom site:


  1. I'm not a big fan of tomatoes, but picked up a cherry tomato seedling a while back at a Master Gardener's class. Your links are helpful since I know nothing of tomatoes... Thanks!

  2. You are very welcome. I am just learning about tomatoes too. Actually, I don’t like tomatoes much either. In fact, I would never eat them plain or in a salad. However, I do like homemade tomato sauce and salsa. The tomato varieties that I am growing are better suited for this.