Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting for My Transplants to Arrive

The garden is pretty much ready for planting. We still need to install a couple of trellises for the pole beans, and add the trellis netting to the SFG for the tomatoes. I ordered my transplants from Green Mountain Transplant here in Maine and they are supposed to arrive in the next week or so. It is difficult to be patient.

As K and I were looking over the garden plan, he asked where the eggplant was going. I tried growing eggplant in containers last year and they didn’t do well. So I wasn’t planning on trying again, but I started thinking about how I could incorporate eggplant into the garden this year. After all, K has worked hard for this garden too and if he wants eggplant, he should have eggplant. :)

So, where was I going to put eggplant? Hmm… Well, I could try SWC (Self Watering Containers).

I spent most of the week reading up on the numerous ways of constructing SWC. I followed many posts on GardenWeb forum, I read over the posts in the blogs that I follow, I googled SWC, Earthbox, Earthtainer and learned all I could about how to construct a couple.

We are gathering material to build a couple over the weekend.

Not much going on in the garden this week. We had a frost earlier in the week and some really chilly nights. Then today it reached 90 degrees. Thankfully, I don't have many plants in the garden yet to worry about yet. I did pick up a couple eggplant, cilantro, and marigold transplants during the week and was keeping them outside to harden little by little over the week. However, I had to shelter them in the shed today as the heat would have been too much for the little root bound babies.

I watered the SFG when I got home from work in the square where the lettuce, spinach. and garlic is planted. I was surprised when I stuck my finger in the mix and found it was still moist about an inch down from the surface. Good sign.

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