Friday, May 15, 2009

Water Spikes! I didn’t even know these existed.

Tomatoes love water and need at least 2-inches water per week. In my traditional garden, I was planning to use a simple drip irrigation setup for each tomato plant by using recycled half-gallon jugs. This is done by removing the tops, poking several holes in the bottom corner facing the plant, and burying the jugs almost all the way under the soil next to your transplants. That way when the jugs are filled with water, it will be released slowly and directly to the roots of the tomato plant. The water will also have time to warm up so as not to be such a shock to your plants roots.

Instead, I found these while shopping for other gardening stuff:

I am so excite to find these. I didn't even know they existed. These are called Water Spikes and work with a 2-liter bottles instead for a similar purpose as the half-gallon jug concept.

All I need to do is remove the cap and ring:

Cut off the bottom of 2-liter bottles:

Poke a very small hole in the water spike with the tip of a small nail:

Add corse sand to the water spike:

Snap the water spike on the top of the 2-liter bottle:

Stick the water spike in the ground next to my tomato seedlings and fill with water:

The larger opening will be much easier to fill with water and I will be able to observe the water level.


  1. I bought a similar item at Harbor Freight back in the winter, but they already have tiny holes in them. Mine will be used to water the melons and pumpkins when they start vining out. They should work great for your tomatoes.

  2. EG, I am so sorry for the late response to your post. For some reason, I couldn’t reply to your comment unless I switched browsers.

    I didn’t think of the melons!! When I read your response, I went back the place I found my first batch. They were sold out! Not surprised, they were 2 packages of 6 spikes for $5. Oh well, I may need to alternate the ones I have unless I can find some more soon.