Saturday, June 20, 2009

3-4 Inches of Rainfall Yesterday

We had 3-4 inches of rain yesterday. This was on top of all the rain we received least week. Thank goodness my vegetable gardens drain well or I would have been in some trouble.

Here is a little "pond" around the base of one of the apple trees.

The "pond" has since receded and we are expecting some sun today.


  1. Hi there! It's Toni in Wyoming.

    That's a lot of rain!!!! Did you get some sunshine today? Wow... your forecast doesn't look so good for sun.

    OK, I'll send you some Wyoming sunshine!

  2. Thankfully, it hasn't rained here for several days now. I'd love to have a little sometime thuis next week, though. One thing about your big rainfall....your trees will love it!

  3. Toni, yes we did have a little sun on Saturday. The rest of the week doesn't look good. Not sure when we will see the sun again.

  4. EG, Yes the trees and blueberry plants are going to benefit from this greatly.