Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Already Thinking About Next Year

This is the Jalapeno that I grew from seed this year.

It is a bit spindly probably because use any special lighting other than window lighting. However, it is the best looking pepper plant that I have growing in my garden right now.

I have been purchasing seeds so that I can try to grow my own plants next year. Most of the seeds I have purchased have been at a discounted price so it’s worth a shot. I think I will set up the seed area on the workbench in the basement. I already have a fluorescent shop light that I can use above the workbench, and it is near the furnace so it remains warm. I can also add a space heater or seed mats if I need more heat. I’ll plan out the details over the long winter.

Growing my own plants will also give me more control. This year, my transplants arrived via UPS and I felt an urgency to get them out of their tiny cells quickly. If I grew my own transplants, I would be able to repot them into larger pots, provide better care, and wait until it was truly warm enough to plant them in the garden.


  1. I started my own plants from seed for the first time this year! It is a great feeling. I plan to start sooner next year tho so that I can plan for any unforseen circumstances like cats eating them, or damping off, drying out etc... And I sure would like to be harvesting stuff already. But I am still waiting. Next year it would be nice to have tomatoes and peppers all summer long!
    I hope it works out well for you! It's fun.

  2. He he. Cats eating them is one of my concerns too. I have two indoor kitties that love greens. In fact the one pepper has a leaf that was damaged by one of them early on.

  3. I started most of my own plants this year but most of my peppers did not do well. Of the few that sprouted, some died and the remaining aren't doing much growing at all. I think they got too cold. I broke down and bought 2 plants this week. Most everything else did well and I think most of my tomatoes are in great shape especially compared to some I've seen at the store. I have one 4' shop light in the basement for the seeds.

  4. Amy, Sorry about your peppers, but glad your other plants are doing so well. I'm going to give it a shot and rely on purchasing transplants as backup if things don't work out. I wouldn't give up on the remaining peppers, they may start growing with warmer temperatures. Hope your two new peppers give you lots of fruit.