Monday, June 22, 2009

Filling in the Holes

The spinach seeds I planted must have been old because I didn’t get many germinating from the second round I planted either. I purchased some new seeds and reseeded in the empty spots again on Saturday. Hopefully there is still time for these to grow before the heat of summer hits.

The pole and bush beans seem to be growing well, but they did show some holes in their rows, so I reseeded these as well.

These are the Bush Lake and Tendergold Bush Beans (I weeded this over the weekend too):

Here are the Royal Burgundy Bush Beans. Every seed sprouted in this row:

The lettuce is coming along. I think I will be able to start clipping a leaf here and there. I wonder if I can reseed in the spaces in between in a diamond pattern within these same squares? The leaves of the more mature lettuce can provide some shade as the warmer weather hits. I think I will give it a try.

Here are three hills of summer squash.

My intention was to plant two hills zucchini and one yellow straight neck squash. As you can see, two hills have sprouted and a third has not. According to my garden plan, the one that hasn’t sprouted should be zucchini. However I have a nagging suspicion that I may have reversed the orientation and re-seeded with yellow squash in that spot instead. I knew for sure that the middle one is zucchini and I couldn’t imagine what I would do if all three turned out to be zucchini.

Here is a close up of the middle zucchini hill:

I was aiming at three plants per hill and was using old seeds, so I planted a couple in each hole. It looks like they ALL sprouted and are growing well. I am going to have to thin these soon. I hate killing plants.


  1. That lettuce looks beautiful!

    I did two plants per square and it's difficult to get in there to pick the squash/zucchini.

  2. Rachel - that lettuce sure does look pretty! I like the red varieties alot...Two crookneck together is doable....zucchini however, is very difficult to do. My zucchini has turned into a real estate hog!

  3. I just picked only two royal burgundy beans the other night, along with a handful of Provider. My 3 yr old ate them raw. Silly girl. I can't wait to taste them. They sure are pretty plants. Everything is looking good!

  4. Ribbit, Yeah, the lettuce looks almost too pretty to harvest :) Luckily, the zucchini and summer squash is in the traditional garden with room to spread out. But usually 3 plants per hill is what works the best for me. I am going to have to thin out this hill.

    EG, I was just looking at your video and can't believe how large your summer squashes are...that zucchini plant is taking over. How beautiful though.

    Snawn Ann, I like how your 3-yr old thinks :) I love picking and eating raw string beans while I am tending the garden

  5. Your lettuce is lovely! Mine only made it to about 2 cm tall before it croaked. Maybe this fall I'll have better success! I have considered putting soaker hoses in my corn SFG box. How are yours working out?

  6. Thanks for the comment, lookmanoweeds. The soaker hoses were just placed in the garden as an after thought probably 2 weeks ago. I thought I could hand water my SFG like Mel says in his book, but I found that it wasn't enough. So I carefully placed one 50 ft soaker hose around the growing plants in the three, 4x4 SFGs.

    I have used them twice to soak the SFG (we have had a lot of rain). It's working great so far.