Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally, We Had A Chance To Dry Out

We finally saw SUN for most of the day on Thursday and some sun on Friday. Temperatures and humidity also rose quickly and the garden is surging as a result. Thursday, there was just enough time to mow the lawn and finish the SWC for the new Bell Pepper transplants as more rain fell overnight. Today we saw some sunshine. Well, I didn't see sun today as it was cloudy when I left work for home.

The first tomato blossoms are open! The Super Marzano Tomatoes in the SWC are almost double the size of those in the SFG, but they both have open buds as of Thursday.

These are the Super Marzano Tomatoes in the SWC:

Super Marzano Tomato in the SFG:

I also potted up one of the Super Marzano Tomato sucker that sprung roots:

The Window Box Roma Tomatoes are doing really well in all locations.
Window Box Roma Tomatoes in SWC:

Window Box Roma Tomatoes in traditional garden:

Window Box Roma Tomato in SFG:

Eggplants in the SFG are showing promise and forming their first buds:

Even the Yellow Doll Watermelons in the traditional garden are showing new growth finally. Two out of three transplants remain in the traditional garden. I lost the third due to cutworm. I have not seen any growth since I placed them in the garden back on Memorial Day Weekend until now. I guess they were just waiting for warmer temperatures:

The Fastbreak Melons in the traditional garden have grown quite a bit in the last week. All three have blooms now:

The Crimson Sweet Watermelon plants in the traditional garden have doubled in size:

I finished the new Bell Pepper SWC late Thursday evening as the mosquitoes were biting and the sun was going down. Here are the Bell Pepper Transplants in their new home:

The three peppers that were failing, two New Ace Hybrids and one King Author, were removed and replaced with the new Bell Pepper transplants purchased last weekend.

All the beans are doing well. Most of the new seeds I planted to fill in the holes have sprouted, but some have not. I may need to reseed again as some may have rotted with all the rain we have had.

The Summer Squash in the traditional garden has grown. I think I can identify the variety by the leaf shape now. I know the middle hill is zucchini and I should thin this a bit, but now I believe the other hill is Straight Neck Yellow Squash. The leaf shape is slightly different than the Zucchini. The third hill was reseeded with Straight Neck Yellow Squash. I should have plenty of both if all goes well.

Zucchini in the traditional garden:

Straight Neck Yellow Squash in the traditional garden:

Wet weather is expected for the weekend although temps should be in the high 70s to 80s. I am hoping for some dry time on Saturday so I can mulch the beans and weed whack the grass in the paths.


  1. I need some rain, now.....dangit! Ain't it funny how mother nature never cooperates? Your stuff is looking great! I can't wait to see those san marzanos when they get mature.

  2. EG, I will be happy to send you some of my rain. We have had quite a bit lately. I can't wait to see the Super Marzanos either. This is my first year with these. I am used to growing Romas, but these should have 4-5- inch long fruit perfect for salsa and tomato sauce.

  3. Those eggplant blossoms are going to be beautiful. If you haven't grown them before, you'll love the purple flower against the dark green of the foliage.

  4. It's all looking good!!!

    I've never heard of Marzano tomatoes. Is it an heirloom?

    I seeded tons of Romas this year... but next year I'd like to try some indeterminate paste tomatoes that I can trellis.

    May the warm sunshine find you and your garden! Ordinarily I'd send you some dry hot Wyoming sunshine... but we seem to be in a moisture pattern... which is such a blessing to us!!!

  5. Ribbit, Unfortunately, I lost some foliage on the eggplants. I hope they grow in quickly so I can see the contrast you speak of.

    Toni, Super Marzano Tomatoes are an Italian paste tomato that is supposed to have 5-inch long fruit. I actually ordered a different paste tomato when I placed my transplant order, but these were substituted as my other selection were no longer available.

    I have never grown these before so this will be an adventure.