Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Observation of a New Pest in the Garden

Look what I found on one of the Super Sarno Tomato plants in the SFG:

This is a Colorado Potato Beetle.

Here he is playin' dead after I plucked him off the tomato plant:

He was really big, almost an inch long. I have never seen this beetle in my gardens before this year....or maybe I wasn't so observant before this year. Either way, after these pictures were taken, this guy was flung far, far away from my vegetable gardens. I just didn't have the courage to actually squish him....the crunching sound and all would have given me nightmares.


  1. Great find, and pictures! Since I have potatoes, I've been expecting them to show up here. So far, so good!

  2. Very nice picture, indeed! That really is a beautiful bug, so I'm sorta glad you didn't squish it... ;-)

  3. I knock those suckers off into a cup of soapy water. No squishing involved.

  4. I'll be on the look out for that bug. I saw one on my neighbor's potato plants the other day....

    I like Ribbit's idea of having a cup of soapy water handy.

  5. I have seen a couple of those here, but my plants are covered to keep them out. I think they destroyed my small pumpkin plants 4 times last year. I have learned my lesson!
    You should have put a measuring stick up to that thing for his photo!

  6. Hey guys, thanks for the comments! I can’t believe I have never seen a Colorado Potato Beetle before. It is kind of big and colorful. I hope to never see one again.

    EG, I was lucky to get that shot. I think my skills may even improve as a result of keeping this blog. I hope they stay away from your potatoes.

    Momma S, Yes, I struggled with the decision to kill him or throw him. I suppose if he had actually done some damage, the decision would have been easier.

    Ribbit, Good idea, I should start bringing a cup of soapy water with me when I check for pests.

    Toni, I hope they don’t find your garden.

    Shawn Ann, I know! I should have a ruler handy so you all could see the size of this guy. Sorry they may have destroyed your pumpkins last year.

  7. That Colorado beetle is BAD news! please have the courage to squash any you see. They are devastating to the garden, particularly potatoes!

  8. Trust me Matron, if I spot any more of these they will probably die.