Friday, June 19, 2009

Is Ignorance Bliss When it Comes to Pest Control?

After searching for several weeks to id this bug, I finally posted this pic to the GardenWeb’s The Garden Clinic: Pests and Diseases forum for help.

jean001 said they were Rose Chafers. A quick google search confirmed they were indeed Rose Chafers.

These beetles were named Rose Chafers or Rose Bugs because they have a tendency to feed roses and peony blossoms. They also damage fruits including grapes, raspberries, and strawberries. Rose chafer also feed on the foliage of many trees, shrubs and other plants, such as rose, grape, apple, cherry, and birch. They damage leaves by skeletonizing, or eating the leaf tissue between the veins similar to Japanese Beetles. (Hahn)

Rose Chafers don’t seem to have many natural enemies and are poisonous to birds and chickens. The control methods are hand picking and Neem Oil for natural methods, and Sevin, Bayer Rose & Flower, malathion for synthetic control.

My Rugosa Rose blossoms are covered in these beetles right now. They are not doing any damage in the vegetable gardens yet, but I remember seeing them on my bean and grape leaves last year. It seems just the foliage was affected and they didn’t eat any vegetables or fruit at the time.

My concern doubled when I read that they also eat young grapes. My grape vines have produced numerous buds this year and I am counting on a good crop. I would hate to have these guys eat them up before they have a chance.

Oh what to do, what to do.

I think I am getting a wee but obsessive about the bugs in my yard. The vegetable garden needs to hurry up and grow so my mind doesn't think about such things

Hahn, Jeffrey. "Rose Chafers." University of Minnesota. 2007. <>


  1. Oh, man... I'm right there with you on the garden pests... I had been obsessing over what was eating or otherwise hanging out on my bush beans (my largest set of plants) but now they're too big for me to turn the leaves for inspection. It kills me every time I see more holes in my leaves, and now it's too bushy for me to do anything about it!

    In one sense, ignorance is bliss, but aren't you glad you know what's going on, and how to control it--them, and save the harvest? ;)

  2. In years past, with the exception of cutworm early in the season, I have really never had much problems with pests causing so much harm that it killed the plant. So I've been wondering why am I so worried about them now?

    I suppose you are right, better to know what I am dealing with ahead of time before something bad happens :)

  3. I have kept all my veggies covered with insect net...even still! I just can't stand the thought of something eating my plants...Including the bunnies and kitties! I know they need to come off soon, cause some stuff needs to vine! But I am so nervous. They have done so well so far! Way better than last year! I think I am gonna need a little encouragement!
    You could cover your grape seedlings. I heard tulle works good to cover plants! I wish I'd of used that cause at least I could SEE my plants!

  4. Shawn Ann, That's a great idea about covering the grapes. I am seriously thinking of insect netting too for the green beans and grapes.