Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost Ready…

We had a couple dry days this week. Temperatures have been in the 80s for the first time this summer, which is nice. However, the humidity and dewpoint has also been high, which is very uncomfortable for those of us not accustomed to this. We’ve been spending most of the time in air conditioning. I miss the fresh air and hearing the sounds of outside, the birds, the breeze blowing through the trees, and the calming evening sounds of crickets chirping.

The poor garden has been waiting for this warmth and sun for so long. Things are growing and changing every day. There are so many things that are almost ready to be harvested. Here is a side view of the garden:

The pole beans have reached the top of the 6-foot trellis. With nowhere else to go, hopefully they will fill out now:

I’ve been walking through and knocking the Japanese beetles off the leaves each day, but they are doing quite a bit of damage to the foliage. This happened last year too. However it didn’t affect the yield. Hopefully this year will be the same:

There are a few Royal Burgundy Bush Beans that look almost ready to pick in the small row:

The first cucumber is almost ready:

The cucumber plant on the opposite side of the arched trellis has a few new cucumbers too:

This little eggplant is about three-inches long:

The first yellow summer squash:

The lettuce is still hanging in there even with the 80-degree temperatures. Unfortunately, some of the most tender leaves have been scorched. It is not unusual for the sun the be out, then have the skies cloud over as a thunderstorm rolls in dumping some rain, only to have skies clear soon after and the sun to shine upon the wet leaves. We’ve been harvesting as much as we can each each day.

Yesterday, my pickerel frog friend jumped out from the lettuce and sstartled me. I am surprised he is still here. I know he is eating well, but worry that he may be too hot. I leave shallow containers of water throughout the garden for him in case he needs them.


  1. That is sweet that you leave water resources for your garden frog! No wonder he is still hanging around. :)

    The garden is looking good - glad you are getting some much needed sun.

  2. That frog will do you a lot of good with the bug catching. The water will help keep him around. Take a flower pot, turn it on its side and put water in in. He can hide in there from the sun.

    Everything in the garden looks great. You can carefully wind your pole beans either back down the trellis or to the side.

  3. Your garden is filling out very well!

  4. kitsapFG, that little frog is doing such a great job with insect and bug patrol. I'd like him to stay as long as he can.

    Ribbit, great idea with the little frog house. He usually hides under a 2x4 I use to hold down the plastic mulch, but I am sure he'd appreciate a more damp place. He is a frog, not a toad. I would like to keep him happy.

    I also tried winding pole beans back down the trellis this morning. Thanks for the tip!

    EG, Thanks! Yes things are growing like crazy now.