Saturday, July 25, 2009

Garden Update

We’ve had some nasty weather over the past few days. A Nor’easter hit the New England coast Thursday night and brought us a lot of rain and wind. Yesterday’s rainfall was 2.10. So far this month we have received 7.80 inches, the normal rainfall for the month of July is 2.62 inches. This is my wheelbarrow this morning:

I have only been out to the garden briefly over the past few days to snip a few herbs for dinners and prop up and support the plants that the wind whipped around a bit. The tomatoes in the SFG lost a 2-foot high sucker. It has a cluster of blooms on it, so I placed it into a glass of water to see if it will sprout roots.

I went out to the garden this morning to snap a few pictures. The air feels humid and sticky thanks to the tropical air the storm brought with it.

The first Fast Break Melon that I have been showing the growth progress over the past few weeks has begun to develop its netting. I don’t expect it to grow much bigger now, but it should be the first to mature:

There are other melons that have already surpassed the size of this first one:

My little froggie friend popped out as I was peeking among the melon vines. I can’t believe he is still here. I hope he has plenty to eat. I keep a bowl of fresh water in this area for him just in case. After all, he’s a pickerel frog, not a toad. He’s should be living in water, not my garden:

The lettuce is still going strong thanks to the cool temperatures. I harvested the ones that looked like they were ready to bolt. We’ve been eating salads every day. The Royal Oakleaf lettuce plants have developed into these beautiful loose bunches:

The Romaine has doubled in size since last week:

All the peppers plants have survived their rough beginnings, and most have blooms now:

Sadly, it looks like my first pepper in the SFG has developed blossom end rot:
*Update* I posted this pic to the GardenWeb forums and from the couple of responses I have received so far, this is probably just natural coloring from the sun and NOT BER. I hope so! :)

The New Ace Hybrid bell pepper in the SFG box has a few small peppers growing:

There are a few eggplants growing:

Here is a baby cucumber:

I weed whacked the grass today, harvested a bunch of Royal Oakleaf lettuce for dinner, and pulled a few weeds in the traditional garden between the beans. I hope to pull the bolted spinach and plant more lettuce and cilantro tomorrow.


  1. Hi there!
    I can't believe that you got 7 inches of rain! Wow... your wheelbarrow says it all though!

    Been hot and dry... and sometimes windy here in Wyoming.

    Those melons look really good. Sorry about your pepper.... I'm finding BER on some of my tomatoes... sigh...

  2. Despite the excessively rainy weather - the garden looks like it is actually faring quite well! The frog in the garden is a great thing. I love it when I find one but they never seem to stay for long.

  3. Toni, the wheelbarrow was out there since last weekend. The rain that accumulated was for the week. Can you believe it's raining again today?!? Too bad I can't share some of this with you.

    KitsapFG, I swear, when the sun does show itself, the plants grow before my very eyes! Lucky for me, this frog has been here all season.

  4. Seven inches of rain is alot! I hope you captured some for use later. Those melons are looking really good!

  5. EG, thanks for your comment! Welcome back to the blogging world!! We missed you!

    I thought about a rain barrel earlier in the season, but with all this rain, haven't given it much more thought. May be something I plan out over the winter for next year. Other then filling the SWCs, I have only had to water a handful of times this year so far.

    Yes, the melons are finally coming along. Just hope they will ripen before the end of season.