Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

It is absolutely amazing to me that 10-inches of rain has fallen since Memorial Day weekend when I first planted my gardens. There has only been minimal sun during this time. We had some sun on Friday are hoping for even more on Saturday and Sunday. We really need it. I am looking forward to working outside this weekend getting things cleaned up. There is so much to do after such a long period of rain.

The new bell peppers planted in the traditional garden and SFG are doing pretty well.

However, the six planted in the new SWC have not grown much. In fact I clipped some of the bottom leaves, as they appeared to show some mold where they touched the mulch. I hope some sunshine over the weekend helps.

Most of the original peppers are showing some growth and have recovered in varying degrees from their rough beginning. However, I am expecting their yields to be low. Next year they won't be planted in the garden so early.
Here is a Big Chili in the traditional garden:

Here is the first pepper to blossom. It is a struggling Early Jalapeno in the SFG:

The cucumbers I re-seeded sprouted, but I lost several of these new plants. They seemed to rot at the stem from too much moisture. I will reseed the bare spots again this weekend.

I have been struggling with my bush beans too. The Burgundy bush beans that sprouted the earliest are doing quite well:

I have re-seeded holes in the rows of the Blue Lake and Tendergold three times now. The seeds are probably rotting in the ground. I am hoping this last attempt will work:

The Kentucky Wonder pole beans are doing well. Most have sprouted and it looks like the holes I re-seeded are sprouting too:

Notice the grass growing among the rows of Beans? This is what I struggle with in the traditional garden. I am so pleased with the black plastic mulch that I used on the majority of the garden. If not for this, I would have had a big mess of weeds again this year that I know I would have never caught up with. As it is, keeping the weeds down around the beans has been challenging with all this rain. I weeded most of it after I took the above pics and I will be adding mulch during the weekend in between showers.


  1. It seems like a lot of gardeners are being plagued by too much rain this year. I have just the opposite problem, too much heat and no moisture! We just can't seem to hit a happy medium. Glad to see your peppers blooming!

  2. Annie's Granny, I'd be happy to share :)

  3. I wonder if pre-sprouting your bean seeds would prevent them from rotting... I put my seeds between a moist paper towel in a ziploc, and place that in a warm spot (under DH's router was my "secret" spot teehee). It'll also save you a week or so since the seeds sprout faster this way than in the ground.

  4. Momma_S, this is a great idea! I didn't even think of doing this. I reseeded this weekend, but if it fails again I will try pre-sprouting. Thanks :)