Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not Window Box Roma Tomatoes After All?

I am beginning to wonder about my Window Box Roma tomatoes. They are supposed to be a more compact variety for growing in containers.

I grew a few Window Box Roma tomatoes last year in containers and they did quite well. I was pleased to be able to harvest quite a large amount of tomatoes from a rather compact plant. I used them to make a small batch of tomato sauce.

This year I ordered six Window Box Roma tomato starters from the same nursery as last year. I have three in the traditional one in the SFG, and two in a SWC. They have grown much larger than I anticipate, currently measuring about 3.5-feet tall:

At first I thought the increased growth was because they are receiving much better nutrients and water than they did last year when they were confined to pots. However, today it dawned on me that in addition to the larger growth, the fruit is round not oblong like Roma tomatoes:

I googled for pics and found this description and picture from Vesey’s:

Dwarf plants are very compact and quite ornamental even without fruit set. Bright red, elongated fruit, weighing 60-80 grams. Smooth and uniform in size and shape. Eating quality is incredible. Special breeding has created a sweet flavour and good holding ability on the plants. Plants will grow up to 1.5 feet tall and are perfectly suited for container gardening. Maturity 70 days from transplanting.

Mine last year were a bit taller. I used the cheap tomato cages in the pots and they seemed to fill them, but not overfill them like this year. So I don’t know what king of tomatoes I am growing. I wanted Roma tomatoes to make salsa and sauce, but K is happy that he may have some fresh tomatoes for his salads. Either way, they will not go to waste.


  1. You know, we love Romas in salads as well. I don't think you can go wrong with any tomato in a salad.

  2. I am actually not a fan of tomatoes other than in sauces and salsa. However, K likes them in sandwiches, burgers,and salads. He enjoyed the Romas last year in this way.