Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things Are Growing!

YES, things are growing!!

If I seem surprised that things are growing, it's because I am. We have only had a few weeks of relatively normal weather for this time of year. Our June was a wash with over 10-inches of rain, almost non-existent sunshine, and cooler than normal temperatures. The past few weeks have been much better and the garden shows this with invigorating growth. Here are a few updated pictures from today.

The Royal Burgundy Bush Beans have little baby beans:

The Blue Lake and Tendergold Bush Beans have also blossomed:

The Fast Break Melon that I have posted several times, the last on Saturday has grown considerably:

There are a few more coming along that are slightly smaller:

This is the first bloom on one of the Yellow Doll Watermelons:

First bloom on one of the cucumbers:

We will be eating our first zucchini in the next couple of days:

The tomatoes are going absolutely crazy in all three locations. Here are the Window Box Romas in the traditional garden:

Super Marzanos in the SWC:

Super Marzanos in the SFG:

This is a Window Box Roma sucker potted up:

I am so pleased with how things are growing right now. It's amazing! However, I am having some problems with a few pests.

The aphids are torturing the Eggplants. I think this maybe a baby eggplant growing, but the surrounding foliage is extremely damaged:

The Asiatic Beetles are numerous. I spotted some in the SFG when I pulled out a few heads of lettuce. Today I saw a bunch drowning in a small deli container I left in the garden last weekend that had filled with rainwater:

I believe they may be the culprits chewing on my pepper plants. I didn't realize they were so many as I only saw one once in a while. Bad news is they lay their eggs in the soil at the base of plants. Then in two weeks, the newly hatched grubs eat the plants' roots. Apparently, the adults usually do their damage to plant foliage at night.

Not these guys. This Japanese Beetle is brazenly chewing holes in my beans:

Japanese Beetles have stayed away from my vegetable garden until now. Usually they are congregated on my one Rugosa Rose bush. I found this one on my pole beans and another on my dill.

Time to put my gardening gloves on and get serious about hand picking and killing these pests.

*** Special Event to Note ***
I just want to note that on this day, July 22, 2009 this post was completed via cable internet vs the substantial dsl that we have endured over the past several years. It took me a fraction of the normal time to upload pictures and post this. Amazing difference in speed..almost 5X faster. I can now watch videos of my fellow gardeners!!


  1. Oh grrr to those bugs! Is there anything you can do to prevent the damage from the larvae?

    Congrats on faster internet!!! I remember our switch... It's like owning a new computer!

  2. Cable internet is truly the only way to go... Congratulations!

    One method to hand pick lots of beatles/bugs is to use a hand held dust buster and just suck them off the plants (being careful with more tender crops). You just then dump out the bugs from the canister when done and squash or otherwise dispose of them. Works for spiders in the house too. :D

  3. It's almost like the plants know it's time to catch up on the growth they missed during the cool weather. It sure is a nice sight to see!

  4. Momma S, I don't know if I can easily kill the larva. I need to research these guys further in the next day or so. I hope they keep committing suicide in my water buckets for now.

    KitsapFG, I like your dust buster idea! I wonder what the neighbors would think :) I suppose not anything different than when they see me wandering the garden taking pictures, right?

    Amy, it seems true, it's like the plants have a life it should be leading and it is doing all it can to catch up.

  5. I have read ppl like to leave yellow bowls with soapy water in their gardens to catch some of those beetles, and the vac idea too. I like both ideas! I will try them when I get a vac and yellow bowl :)

    Aren't those royal burgandy blooms so pretty!

  6. Oh hurray! So fun to see things growing. I hope that squash does well. A raccoon munched on ours. Somehow they found out about our garden LOL.
    And the bugs. How do squash bugs and others FIND us when no one else around has a garden?
    I'm going to try the yellow soapy bowl and I love the vac idea!

  7. Shawn Ann, hmmm....yellow bowls with soapy water. I will have to try that. Unfortunately I don't currently have any yellow bowls right now either.

    Crustabel, you know, I often wonder how the bugs find the gardens. I added 3 SFGs this year and the bugs are crawling around them like they have been there forever.

    Luckily we don't have raccoons in our garden and I can always count on an abundance of summer squash.

    If ANY of you try the yellow bowls or the vac idea I would love it if you posted this on your blogs :)