Sunday, July 5, 2009

Three days in a row with some sun!

Seeing the sun this weekend did wonders for the garden and my spirits. Every day I saw things growing almost before my very eyes. It seemed to progress...Friday was rainy with a glimpse of sun that we were all happy to see. Saturday was overcast and foggy in the morning, and then burned off to blue skies, only to be followed by some severe thundershowers with high winds.

Today, Sunday was by far the best out of the three. I woke up to sun streaming through my window. It has been a month since I have experienced this. The day was around 70 degrees, comfortable with a breeze and completely dry. Yes, absolutely completely dry all day. Oh it was wonderful!

I was so pleased to be able to putter around the gardens and get some things accomplished.

The Super Marzano Tomatoes in the Self Watering Container (SWC) began outgrowing their cages last week. We added a trellis made from PVC and nylon netting above the cages this weekend:

I was able to get the beans in the traditional garden weeded and munched. I also re-seeded the bare spots once again:

I think I see some buds on the Royal Burgundy bush beans:

I trimmed down the Greek Oregano as it was beginning to flower and was shading the Window Box Roma Tomatoes in the traditional garden. It will grow back quickly. The tomatoes can now breath:

I did some weeding in some bare spots in the traditional garden where the grass has grown among the chives and garlic. I when this little fella surprised me:

I have seen him once before in my garden. I know it’s the same one because he has a scar on his back. He is really fast and it was difficult to get pictures of him the first time. I was only able to snap one back on 6/21:

This time, I was able to snap several pictures and used them as comparison to id him. I found that he isn’t a toad as I expected, but a type of frog called Pickerel Frog. We have a stream down the bank behind our property and it is not uncommon for Pickerel Frogs to wander to nearby meadows and bogs. Of course, everything is extremely water soaked with all the rain we have experienced this past month. (More about Pickerel Frogs at The Pickerel Frog):

I quickly decided not to completely tidy up the garden and give this Pickerel Frog or any toads that decide to visit safe cover from their predators. Frogs and toads are very beneficial to the garden as they feed on many pests that are harmful to garden plants such as, ants, spiders, bugs, beetles, sawfly larvae, moth larva and a variety of other invertebrates. I would like to encourage this guy and any of his friends to pay a visit any time.


  1. How cute! Even though you know he's a good guy, it's got to be a shocker to pick up a leaf or something and see those eyes peering back at you.

  2. The frog is so awesome looking! It did a good job posing for you. I peeked at your "Visitors to the Garden" section this morning, and it got me to thinking... I think one thing I miss most about where we live now is the lack of creatures I see--and hear. I see squirrels, birds (the hawks are awesome), and the neighbor's cat. yippee... Our home in VA backs to the woods, so we would see & hear it all.

  3. Ribbit, he jumped when I was kneeling down and pulling up grass and weeds. I was on my feet in an instant, then realized what it was.

    Momma_S, Yeah he was cool. I have never lived where I didn't see or experience some sort of nature and the night sounds here are beautiful.

  4. Oh I'm so glad that the sun finally found you!!!

    Love the frog. What a cutie!

    I have what I believe to be a toad living in my strawberry patch. One time before I knew that he lived there... he jumped on my toe then out of the patch while I was picking. Sure surprised me!

  5. Thanks Toni, yes we had sun on Monday too. Lucky us. Now we will have two more days of rain (sigh). Well at least the frog will be happy.

  6. Love that frog! And I'm glad you're getting some sunshine. A month is way too long to go without some sunny rays.

  7. Crystable, I loved seeing him too! Trust me the garden isn't the only thing that suffered from lack of sun. It was a nice couple days....then followed with more rain (sigh).