Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Things are Growing

I am picking bush beans almost every day, but tonight I noticed that my bean rows were a little lopsided as I approached the garden. The right sides of each row were shorter than the left. Upon closer inspection I discovered that the tops to these plants have been nibbled off:

I suspect deer. Bradie barked a few times last night. She sleeps in the living room where the windows face the garden. We didn’t think anything at the time, but she must have seen or heard something out there. I'm not sure how much this will affect my harvest. I was still able to get a colander full tonight:

The Sumter Cucumbers are producing really well right now:

These are supposed to be Straight Eight Cucumbers, but this one is already 14-inches long and there is one growing behind it that will be about the same size:

Remember my first melon? Well I’ve been watching it closely as it corded over early and has been changing color. Today, I stooped down to peer at the stem to see if it was pulling away from the vine when it dropped off quite easily. Then I could smell it. Yes, it was ready!

It is really small in comparison to the others that are growing, only about 4-inches wide. I have placed it in the fridge to chill a bit and we will cut into it later tonight. I have at least five more melons that will ripen around the same time. There are also still melon babies forming. Hopefully they will mature fast now that the weather is so much warmer. Here is one of the other, normal sized melon:

I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to get any Watermelons this year. The plants really got off to a very late start because of the weather and I didn’t see any little watermelons growing at all until yesterday when I spotted this one that is about 3-inches big:

Then, when I was pulling the vine up a bit to take the picture above, I spied another hidden in the foliage. THIS one is about 7-inches wide. I don’t know how I missed it, but it was a nice surprise. At least I have a chance at getting one watermelon before the season ends.

I am now hopeful that there may be more hidden in there somewhere:

First frost for my location can occur as early as mid-September. I am going to try to extend the growing season as long as I can, but there comes a time when I will have to let it go and start planning for next year. I am hoping Mother Nature will take pity on us and the lousy summer we have had and allow us to experience a nice warm fall.


  1. Don't you just love surprises! I hope the melon tastes extra yummy

  2. That cucumber is pretty messed up! Ha! Good for you on the melons and cantaloupes. Maybe those watermelons will mature in time...

  3. The melon looks delicious and what a great surprise on the watermelon! If you get some heat they will zip right along and get you that harvest you are craving. I will keep my fingers cross for you that you are blessed with some summer (albeit late) and a delayed fall.

  4. You might get lucky with those beans. Last year, when mine slowed down in production, I cut them back about half way and they put forth a new crop!

    I picked a small melon tonight, or I should say it fell off the vine. It was tiny, too. Only ten ounces and not much larger than a softball. It was mealy and flavorless :-(

  5. @prue: I absolutely love surprised like that.

    @Engineeredgarden: Yeah, that cucumber is pretty scary looking. I think I will harvest it this weekend and see how it tastes. I am hoping at least one watermelon matures. There are more cantaloupes growing and it is expected to be really warm for the next few days…but they are running out of time.

    @kitsapFG: We cut into the melon tonight, it was good!! Thanks for crossing your fingers for good weather.

    @Annie's Granny: I didn’t know beans would rejuvenate that way…very interesting. We’ll see what happens.

    @Shawn Ann: I love surprises too!