Sunday, August 23, 2009

I didn’t have much opportunity to get out to the garden yesterday as it was bottling day. One of my other hobbies is making wine from kits and I had a batch that was ready to bottle. This batch came to 28 bottles. The most time consuming part was cleansing and sanitizing the 30 bottles and the equipment needed for bottling. Here is the bottled wine; they will be stored downstairs in the basement to age:

This morning I had some design work to do. While I was working in the office, K came in to view some video footage he had shot earlier with a new camera. I glanced over to his monitor and saw some video of the garden. I saw some close up shots of some large yellow squash. I was a little surprised because I usually pick them much smaller than that so I must have missed them for several days. Then I stared in disbelief at video of my pole beans and bush beans and decided that I just had to get out to the garden to catch up with harvesting.

Three Ichiban Eggplants and two rather large Early Prolific Straightneck Squash:

Mixture of Tendergold, Royal Burgundy, and Blue Lake Bush Beans:

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans:

This was my first substantial picking of the Kentucky Wonder pole beans. Also my first harvest of eggplant that we will use for eggplant parmesan tomorrow evening.

Ok it’s official…I will NOT be ordering transplants again from the place I have used for the past few years. I blogged here about how I suddenly realized that the five Window Box Roma Tomatoes were not Roma tomatoes after all.

Now that the peppers are growing really well with this hot weather, I just realized that what I thought were Early Jalapeño Peppers are NOT. Like the tomatoes, they were labeled as what I ordered, but obviously they are not Jalapeños. They look to be some sort of Anaheim or Banana Pepper? I harvested one and we cooked it on the grill, peeled off the skin, chopped it up and added it to chicken burritos yesterday. It was good, but not a hot pepper at all:

We have harvested a few bell peppers for salads and pizza. I believe this is a King Author Bell Pepper, it is supposed to be but who knows what was sent to me:

I am hoping the Big Chili Hybrids have time to turn red:

So much for my salsa garden this year…no tomatoes and only a few Jalapeño peppers. I do have one Jalapeño pepper plant that I grew from seed that is doing really well. None of these peppers will go to waste as they will be used for making salsa, I will just have to source out tomatoes and extra Jalapeño peppers.


  1. I'm banking it's a sweet banana pepper, especially if it has no heat. That just stinks about your transplants. I don't have the setup to grow tomatoes and peppers from seed so I have to do transplants, too, but I just get them from my local store. It's not a great exciting selection, but it's what's available.

  2. The eggplant and squash together make a really pretty photo. So what kind of wine?! The Big Chili hybrid looks like it might be a nice hot pepper for you. I grew Early Jalepenos this year (started them from seed) and they are being pretty prolific for me - but they are not all that hot.

  3. @Ribbit: I'm thinking banana pepper too. I grew banana peppers last year and these look the same. I am going to try growing from seeds next year. I have an area in the basement that I can rig up some lighting. If my seedlings don't succeed, I'll use a local green house as backup.

    @kitsapFG: The wine is called "Mezza Luna White." describes it as:
    "... full, round and flavourful, with big fruit flavours and aromas. The oak provides a subtle yet noticeable balance to the fruit intensity.
    Sweetness: Off-Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Medium"

    I haven't tried any of the peppers on the one and only jalapeno plant yet. I wonder if they have any heat to them?

  4. That is so cool bottling your own wine - how fun!
    Your harvest looks great.