Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer 2009 Rainfall Total

Although August was a dryer month for us than the previous two, we still had higher than normal rainfall. 5.15-inches of rain is recorded in Portland, Maine for August according to NOAA’s National Weather Service. The average rainfall for August is 2.95-inches. It is also interesting to note that in August, we only had 16 clear days. The remainder were either partly cloudy or cloudy.

Overall we have had 22.31 inches of rainfall this summer (June, July and August). The average is 9.65.

Not surprisingly, we broke the record set in 1991 of 19.04 inches of which 8.24-inches came from Hurricane Bob.


  1. Wow! I miss rain... I don't think it's rained here since early May...

  2. North of you and we are actually having a particularly dry and reasonably warm summer. About to end though. Today is the last day of mid 70 weather in the extended forecast. I think we are about to launch into fall in a big way beginning Wednesday. I guess I am ready for it, but sure did enjoy the summer season while it lasted.

  3. LOL! Okay... I should really have more coffee before I post in the morning. I read "Portland" and read Portland OREGON - not Portland MAINE! LOL

    Okay... so NOT north of you. By a long shot! LOL!

  4. Momma_S: I would gladly share some of my rain with you if I could ;)

    kitsapFG: LOL! I KNEW you were thinking OR not Maine! Most people do. Although our forecast is predicting 80s again by the end of the week. Nights are cool in the 50s though. Certain to affect garden growth.