Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tornadoes in Maine?

We were watching the skies carefully here in Maine late Friday afternoon into the evening. Two tornadoes were reported in a town only 30 miles away from us between 4 and 5 pm. The same line of severe thunderstorms moved in to our area at about 6 o’clock. We slipped outside to take pictures of the swirling clouds before the storm arrived:

The sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning were getting closer, so we watched in awe from the safety of our home ready to hightail it into the basement if things turned bad. The skies darkened and the rain began to pour by around 6:15. Luckily, it was mostly over by 7 pm and we seemed to experience only the edge of the storm. All is well this morning. There was no damage to the garden or other areas in the yard.

We were lucky, here is a link to a local TV station, the video shows damage that occurred a bit north of us: WGME 13.

The tornadoes are “unconfirmed” for now until, but NOAA has confirmed that there were a few funnel clouds detected on radar and by trained spotters.

Some great harvests from the garden this week…I’ll post more about that later this weekend.


  1. Those storm clouds look so cool!

  2. Glad to hear you are okay and just got the benefit of an interesting storm event to watch.

  3. Tornados in Maine - that does sound strange. When I was in school (in VT), we had a couple storms that may have been tornados but I don't know that they were confirmed (it was a long time ago). I know parts of VT have had tornado warnings this summer which is so strange to me. I wonder sometimes if things have changed, if I never paid that much attention as a kid or if better weather equipment is the difference.

  4. @Crystable: They were cool, and it was so eerie to be outside as they swirled overhead.

    @kitsapFG: Thanks, yes we were safe and we have seen much worse storms of course. This one happened to be hyped up by the local news because it was unfolding as they were broadcasting live. We also have Hurricane Bill spinning by us so our weather is getting a bit jostled.

    @Amy: I grew up in Northern NH and remember some wild storms too, but no one mentioned tornadoes. I too wonder if the weather has changed, or if the equipment is just much more sophisticated that they can tell when an area is experiencing the perfect conditions for a funnel cloud or a tornado. There are definitely more eye witnesses who can record and communicate much better than in the past. So it may be a combination of the two.