Friday, September 11, 2009

Blight Again

This is an update to little tomato plant that started growing from the stump in one of the SWCs first blogged at the end of this post. Unfortunately, it began showing signs of late blight earlier this week:

I am not surprised as the blight spores are still around the garden and won’t be killed until freezing temperatures and there is no more live tissue to grow on.

Shhh…..I have a secret:

Yup, this is one of the tomato suckers that I rooted earlier in the season that has never been outside. It’s a leggy little ugly plant that is surviving with only 4-hours of sunshine through a window. I potted it up about a week ago. Do you think I will harvest at least one Super Marzano Tomato this season?


  1. I'm so sorry. Maybe your little Super Marzano will bring a smile to your face...I certainly hope so.

  2. Oh no! I'm holding my breath for your Marzano (and I won't tell your secret ;-) ). Will you have any chance of sowing cool weather crops before it gets too cold?

  3. Dang, that's too bad! Oh, I really enjoy rooting those suckers...

  4. AG: I am rooting for that little tomato to finish developing and ripen. I hope to never experience Late Blight again.

    Momma_S: Thanks for keeping my secret ☺. I have peas and lettuce growing for fall crops. The spinach had trouble again, but there are about 3 pants struggling. Frost can hit any night now. But, I can cover these to try to extend their growth as long as I can.

    EG: I never rooted suckers before this year. It’s quite easy and the plants seemed to catch up quickly (before the Late Blight killed them). This one was an extra that I didn’t have a place for in the garden. I kept it inside in a small pot and it hasn’t died yet.