Friday, September 4, 2009

The Garden Spot is Winding Down

I am amazed how quickly the end of the season is upon us. The sun sets much sooner now behind the trees that boarder our yard and shade the garden spot by 5 o’clock. The evening temperatures are cooler, only averaging about 50 degrees this week and the days in the high 70s, with little humidity. Some areas in northern Maine had a frost advisory earlier this week, so I know the end is near.

The melons have stopped vining and one watermelon vine is dying:

I hope this Yellow Doll is ripe enough:

We’ve been enjoying the cantaloupes:

The ones that have ripened so far have been small, there are some larger that are almost ready:

We also had our first picking of several fall lettuce leaves for burgers. The lettuce is looking good and tastes fantastic. I am going to plant a few more squares and try to keep it going as long as I can:

Powdery mildew is starting to appear on the summer squash and cucumber foliage:

It’s ok, they have all produced well for us. In fact there are a bunch of zucchini and yellow squash ready to be picked. I am just waiting for the morning dew to dry up so I don’t spread the mildew any further:

I’ve saved some cucumbers to try to make “Granny's Favorite Bread & Butter Pickles” from Annie’s Kitchen Garden. I don’t like pickles, but K does so I thought I’d give it a shot this weekend.

The deer snacked on the tops of my bush beans again:

They must have stepped over the garden fence as they reached in much further than before. The bush beans are pretty much finished producing anyway. However, there was also some snacking on the pole beans:

Thankfully, they left the remainder of the garden alone. We have several apple trees that are more enticing to them right now.

The pole beans have increased their production this week. I have double the amount of beans to preserve this weekend than I did the weekends before. I have been blanching and freezing the beans, but will be doing some canning this weekend.


  1. Winter will be upon us before we're ready! I was shocked to read that our weather, which has been in the mid to high 90s, with nights in the high 60s, is going to drop to 74/49 in a few days.

  2. The melons and fall lettuce really look good. My fall lettuce patch is taking off too. I need to thin it a bit though as I was heavy handed with the seeding. :)

  3. AG: We had a similar drop in temperature about a week ago. We had 80s/60s with high humidity for almost two weeks, then it quickly dropped to 70s/40s at night with NO humidity. It felt odd to have to grab a jacket in the morning.

    kitsapFG: I was just thinking that I should have seeded my lettuce more heavily for fall. I went by the 4/square foot SFG recommendation, but these will not reach full maturity and I will be harvesting the leaves as they grow anyway. I'll know better next year.