Sunday, September 6, 2009


Overall I am quite impressed at how well my garlic did in the SFG. It wasn’t the best quality from the beginning. You can read about it here in my May 15th post. But I did get about 20 heads out of it. Most are small, less than an inch across, but a couple are about 2-inches.


The majority of these will be used up in the next couple of months. I will replant the two largest bulbs, but I really want more garlic next season. Plus reseeding these small bulbs are going to produce rather small garlic for next fall.

I visited my local garden center to try to find some garlic to plant next month. They sold by the pound but they were pretty much sold out. The ones they had left didn’t look too healthy. Instead of running around searching for garlic, I turned to the GardenWeb’s Allium forum to see where people were purchasing theirs. I read rave reviews for

I love that they sell by the bulb, which allows me to try different varieties. They grow their garlic in Wisconsin, so I know they are cold hardy. Their prices are great. I placed my order on a Sunday, and they shipped it out right away. Now that I received their product, I see that their quality is absolutely wonderful.

The only bad part is they are almost sold out for the season. I have no idea what the differences are among the varieties anyway, so I picked two hardneck varieties called Romanian Red and Purple Glazer. describes Romanian Red as:
(porcelain hardneck variety) aka Red Elephant Garlic This has been another good variety for us however it is one that does not like competition from weeds. Bulb size will be noticeably reduced if you lose control of the weeding around this variety. It has large easy to peel cloves so it's a favorite in the kitchen. Eaten raw it has a strong garlic flavor with a mild initial tingle, the garlic flavor lingers and sweetens in your mouth and ends with a nutty flavor. It is very good for storage for a hardneck variety.

Purple Glazer is described as:
(purple stripe hardneck variety) This has been a great performer for us – that is when we have kept it weeded. This is one variety that we can say from personal experience does not like competition from weeds. It is also one of our personal favorites for flavor and is our favorite garlic for making fresh pesto. It was originally known as Mchadidzhvari #1 from Republic of Georgia. Averages about 10 cloves per bulb.

No problems with weeds in the SFGs, so I think these should perform well. They will be planted in the SFG in mid-October.


  1. What a great post! Wonderful pictures, and very informative. I use it in almost every dish (too much sometimes), and can't wait to grow garlic this fall. I'll be planting my 1st round in 2-3 weeks, so I better get a' buyin'!

  2. I planted WAY TOO much garlic year before last and then over compensated this year and did not really plant enough. I need to land somewhere in between the two planting sizes when I put in the fall bulb planting in October. One thing I will definitely be doing this year, is adding more elephant garlic. I planted three of them this year and was stunned by their robust growth, big output, and nice milder garlic flavor. I still want my soft neck variety for the more intense garlic flavor, but the elephant garlic has definitely earned a bigger place in the garlic patch.

    By the way, I want to let you know that I passed along a meme award to you. You can read all about it in my blog entry today.

  3. Momma_S: I love garlic too and can never have too much. Thanks for the compliment on the pictures. I'm really not a good photographer. You would think I would be as I am a Graphic Designer by profession, but I really am awful at taking pictures. K is teaching me and I hope practice will improve this.

    kitsapFG: I love garlic and am glad that I can actually succeed at growing it as long as I keep it weeded. These mini garlic are really tasty, but the tiny cloves are a pain to peel. Hopefully I’ll have larger bulbs next year. I may even want to try softneck in the future, as I like the idea of braiding the garlic. For some reason, I thought I couldn’t grow softneck in my area, but does in Wisconsin.

    Thank you so much for the Meme Award! I am absolutely honored! I have never won a blog award. Thank you for thinking of me.