Monday, September 28, 2009

Harvest Monday, September 28, 2009

Sadly, other than lettuce and a few pea pods this will probably be my last substantial Harvest Monday. So for a little while longer, I will continue to enjoy reading about other’s Harvest Mondays at Daphne’s Dandelions.

The onion harvest was pretty pitiful. I planted only three squares from bunched onions and they took a beating earlier in the season with all the rain and the cool temperatures.

This is the harvest from two squares:

The third square (not pictured) had only 1-inch bulbs so wasn’t really worth it. I am going to try mulching and overwintering these to see what happens. No curing necessary as these have already been mostly used up in tomato sauce and chicken enchiladas that were made over the weekend. The rest of the small onions left will probably be used up this week. I need to plant way more onions next year and will probably use onion sets instead of bunched onions.

The zucchini and yellow summer squash were still producing a few fruit before the frost, and the fast break melons were ripening one by one:

These late melons are by far the best tasting. There has been little rain this month and I have not been watering the garden much. I have read that this helps to concentrate the sweetness of the melon and it seems to be true.

The last of the watermelons were harvested on Friday before the frost. This is a normal sized Crimson Sweet:

Two more mini watermelons were found hiding under the foliage, one Yellow Doll and one Crimson Sweet:

More beans:

We continue to snip lettuce leaves almost daily for salads:

The garden is pretty much finished. Cool nights, diminished sunshine, and the frost we experienced over the weekend have brought things to a close here at the garden spot this season. Now I am looking forward to cleaning up, preparing the beds for winter, and planning for next year.


  1. I'm so trying to save planning for the colder months. I want to savor it in the late fall and winter, but my mind just keeps going over all the things that happened this year and what I should be doing next year.

    I love those melons. I avoid them since they don't produce well for me. They are hit and miss. But you are in Maine and still get them.

  2. Very nice harvest, especially the melons! Other than the one fabulous tasting honeydew, I feel my melon planting was a bust.

  3. That's such a good looking harvest, especially the melons. It's hard to believe that your garden is basically done.

  4. Things are just beautiful! I wish my lettuce looked that good. I think it's going to have to be a spring only crop for me.

  5. Your veggies look great. My onions were small as well and it was the same story last year. I have no idea how gardeners grow large onions! The melons are a great end of season reward. I am still waiting on my first melon harvest, they seem like they are almost there, finally.... I am envious of your beans! Mine put on a dismal show this year.

  6. Looks fantastic. We actually got a real, live watermelon this week. Fantastic -- and a surprise, really. I didn't think it was ripe.

    Your winter must be good dreaming time.

  7. Great looking melons! I am so looking forward to growing them next year. It's so difficult to grow them in our cool and short summers. Nice to see that I can be done.

    I'm jealous of your beans as well. Mine have not produced that well.

  8. Excellent end of season harvest! If you provided some cover for the lettuce, I bet you can keep that crop going for quite some time to come.

  9. Daphne: I know what you mean. There is plenty of time to plan during our long winter, but I can’t help mulling over what grew well, or not so well, what I need more of, how I am going to rotate my crops, etc.

    I chose Fast Break Melons because of their quick mature rate of only 65 days. This is my second year with these and I am still quite pleased.

    EG: Thanks! I love the melons, but miss the tomatoes still. Sorry about your melons this year.

    Michelle: Thanks! I too find it difficult to believe that my growing season is over already.

    Ribbit: This is my first time with fall lettuce and I love the fact that there are no aphids.

    Dan: It was my first time growing onions and just chalked their small size up to the rainy summer we had. I’ll try again next year.

    Stefaneener: Congrats on your watermelon! This winter will involve a lot more planning than in years past as I will try growing from seed for the first time. Should be fun!

    Thomas: What worked for me was finding a melon with a short growing season. I also used black plastic to attract more heat. The Fast Break Melons are supposed to mature in only 65 days. They were planted Memorial Day, but didn’t begin growing until a month later. It was just too rainy and cold for them this year. Once the warm weather hit, they grew like crazy. I think I harvested about a dozen Fast Break Melons from three plants. I think if the weather was more normal, they would have matured quicker and I may have had a greater yield too.

    The watermelons didn’t do as well. I had two Yellow Doll Watermelon plant only yielded two fruit. Three Crimson Sweet watermelons yielded two normal melons and three mini-melons.

    kitsapFG: Thanks! I think I will try to let the lettuce grow as long as it can.