Sunday, September 13, 2009

Harvest Monday

I’ve been trying each week to post a harvest post for Daphne’s Dandelions “Harvest Monday.” Until now, I just couldn’t seem to get organized and ended up missing the Monday event and posting later in the week. Not this Monday ☺

Last week’s harvest included our first Yellow Doll Watermelon, more zucchini and yellow summer squash:

Four 1-gallon storage bags of Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans:

Our first Crimson Sweet Watermelon:

Ichiban Eggplant, more Zucchini, and Sumter Cuke:

We have also been enjoying the fall lettuce for salads:

Some zucchini, melons, cucumbers, lettuce, and peppers missed being photographed.


  1. Your harvests look so healthy and colourful! The watermelon is just making me drool. Looks so good =)

  2. Beautiful produce. Isn't it nice to enjoy the bounty from all of your hard work?

  3. Those are some nice harvests. I'm finally starting to get enough beans in the freezer for winter soups. I only add a small amount each week but it is adding up. I love the photo of the eggplants. So pretty.

  4. Really nice harvests! I envy your bounty of beans. The watermelon looks, well, mouth watering. And gorgeous eggplant...

  5. Wow, look at you!!! Great harvest! Your pole bean counts are convincing me to forgo plans of bush beans next summer, and go for what appears to be the true producers.

    Your melons look sooo delicious. Since mine did nothing this year, I've been buying some from the farmer's market and pretending they came from the back yard LOL (my practical 7yo doesn't think it's very funny tho).

  6. It's so nice to see the harvest seasons overlapping. Truly the high point of garden bounty.

  7. The watermelon looks simply amazing! We've brought two home from the Brunswick Farmers' Market and they were. oh... my goodness... incredible!

    Dan of Henbogle

  8. Dot: Thank you! It’s so nice to finally be able to cut into one of the watermelons. This one could have used a few more days, but it was still good.

    kitsapFG: Thanks! Yes, it is really nice to see it all laid out like that.

    Daphne: Thanks! I only had two eggplant plants this year, as I wasn’t sure if I even liked eggplant. But I do, so there will be more next year.

    Michelle: Thanks! I am pretty beaned out though.

    Momma_S: the bush beans were good in the beginning because it takes the pole beans longer to grow and produce. It seemed just when my bush beans were winding down, the pole beans started kicking in.

    Sadly, I only have two Crimson Sweet watermelons out of three plants, and three Yellow Doll watermelons out of two plants. However, the cantaloupes are numerous and make up for it.

    Stefaneener: I never planted lettuce in the fall before, it’s nice to have lettuce when the peppers and other veggies are ready.

    signsofmaine: Welcome Dan! The watermelon was good. The rest of my watermelons will also have to come from a farmer’s market too as there are only a few in the garden.