Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Am Almost Beaned Out

I can’t believe the bean harvest from the Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans. This weekend I have four 1-gallon storage containers to preserve. Combined with the bush beans, I have been averaging one-two 1-gallon bags per week. This week they seem to have exploded in growth. I wonder if the prefer cooler weather?

I have two trellises for the Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans that are about 8-feet wide. I planted on each side of the trellis. The vines grew up the trellis, then grew back down the trellis.

In addition I have three 8-feet rows of bush beans that were also pretty good producers but have wound down in production for the season.

I didn’t keep track of how many pounds of beans that were harvested. All I know is we have eaten a lot of beans, given some away, and preserved a lot by both blanching/freezing and canning. I will be canning more today.

I picked up some tomatoes yesterday. If I have the ambition, I am planning on harvesting the peppers and making Annie’s Salsa by GardenWeb Harvest forum’s annie1992. This is a salsa that has received rave reviews over and over.

Well, I better get chopping.


  1. Oh, you are going to love that salsa! I've made about 40 pints of it this year, and will probably make at least one more batch, maybe more. Do be sure to increase the vinegar to one cup, per updated instructions for that recipe.

    I'm about beaned and tomatoed and cucumbered out ;-) I think, actually, I'm about gardened out for the year, but the garden won't comply.

  2. It is the best salsa out of anything that I have tasted before. I just love the cider vinegar in it. It's just fantastic!!!

  3. I fully understand about the KW pole beans....they just keep producing, and we keep freezing them.

  4. EG: I know I will be thankful through the winter when I use the beans I've preserved, but right now I have just about had enough :)

  5. Ribbit: I didn't use cider vinegar, just regular. As far as taste, we though it was a bit sweet and....well....tomato pasty. We will eat it up, of course.