Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Garden Cleanup Begins

There hasn’t been much time during the week to clean up the garden after the frost we had last weekend. I’ve shared pictures of the growth all season, I should share pictures of the death of the Garden Spot too:

I was hoping to clean out the gardens this weekend, but the rain is interfering with that plan this morning. I was able to do some cleanup yesterday. One bed was cleared and the plastic mulch removed. The peppers and eggplants were pulled from the traditional garden and the SFGs. I was pleased to see the number of worms pulled up with the roots in the SFG.

I am planning to add some compost to the SFGs as they settled quite a bit since spring. I will have to purchase this compost this year, but I am hoping that next year will be different.

We have become much better at separating our household waste for the compost pile:

There may be some finished compost under there?

But it has become just a pile of household waste with no other composting ingredients to mix it with until now. Along with the garden waste, soon the leaves will be plentiful too:

I plan to build a new compost bin out of wooden pallets similar to EG’s at Our Engineered Garden setup, but only two bins. Here is another similar setup at Digitalseed.

Then I can layer in the composted material properly before winter. Hopefully if I turn it frequently next summer, I will have some usable compost by next fall.


  1. My garden looks quite similar, though I have been pulling a couple of things here and there. DH will clean up the rest!

  2. A good thing to do for next fall is collect leaves and save them. Then when you have household scraps next year you can cover them with leaves. I've found it better to collect the carbon source and store it than the other way around (since nitrogen sources are stinky).

  3. Isn't garden cleanup the worst job ever? I hate it! You'll enjoy those pallet bins, because they work so much better than barrels.

  4. Shawn Ann: But you have way more important things to tend to :)

    Daphne: Gosh I can't help think of the leaves I carted and tossed into the woods last fall and how useful they would have been. This year they will be raked up and saved to use later even if it is in garbage bags for the time being.

    EG: I have to agree with you about cleanup being the worst job. I am so procrastinating the cleanup too but know it needs to be done. I still can't figure out how I am going to get the pole bean vines off the nylon trellis (sigh). I think I will use metal field fencing/cattle panel next year.

    I am excited about the pallet compost bins and I will be keeping an eye on your blog to see your bin expansion.