Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Harvest, October 5, 2009

I so pleased to be able to participate one more week for Harvest Mondays at Daphne’s Dandelions. I was able to squeak out a bit more from the garden last week.

These are the last of the Fast Break melons along with some lettuce that was picked for sandwiches:

I picked a few mini-peppers before pulling the plants:

The carrots that were planted in a pot didn’t grow much, but there is enough to slice up for stir fry:

The first pea pods were picked too and these will also be used in stir fry:

Not a fruit or vegetable, but I wanted to share my one and only sunflower that decided to bloom almost a week after our first frost:

Visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others have harvested this week.


  1. I love those peas. I miss my fall peas this year. I decided not to plant them and plant carrots in that spot instead, but the carrots didn't germinate well. Fall peas never produce like the spring ones do for me, but you can't beat them in stir fries in the fall.

  2. Nice harvest. My melons didn't do very well. Not enough sun in my garden.


  3. Dang...your melons have worked quite well for ya! Even better than mine..hehe.

  4. I MUST try that melon next year. I just love melon and have never grown it successfully here.

  5. Look at that flower. Just beautiful.

  6. That melon might tempt me. It's hard for me to find ones that taste right to me.

    Sometimes it seems as though the garden is just waiting for the last gasp! Peas!! We have to get out there and plant our peas!

  7. Great looking melons! The carrots look young and sweet. And the peas look delicious. My snow peas are just starting to bloom.

  8. Daphne: The pea pods taste great! I have never grown them in the fall before. The only reason I did was because the empty tomato trellis made me sad. I will try to grow them in fall again as they are doing really well.

    Liisa: Sorry about your melons, I am lucky to have a lot of sun in the garden spot.

    EG: I am very pleased with the melons. Not sure if anything I did made a difference or if I was just lucky.

    Henbogle: Pinetree Garden Seeds ( here in New Gloucester, ME has Fast Break Melon seeds. They are supposed to mature in 68 days (turned out to be a little longer this year with no warmth or sun). I have had great luck two years in a row.

    Ribbit: Thanks for noticing the sunflower. I was so happy when it actually bloomed.

    Stefaneener: These melons tasted much better if I allowed them to ripen on their own and fall of the vine without assistance. They were a little on the sweet side.

    Michelle: The melons were definitely a winner in the garden spot this season. Carrots, well not so much. These were rather tasteless. Wow, you’ll have peas really soon.