Saturday, November 21, 2009

Enjoying Unexpected Weather for Mid-November

Today was beautiful! Mostly sunny and warm for us this time of year at around 54˚F/13˚C. Perfect for puttering around the yard. So we took full advantage of it.

We finished gathering and shredding leaves. The parts to the leaf mulcher/blower arrived last week, so we’ve been shredding leaves a little at a time over the past few weeks. I spread shredded leaves over the newly dug up foundation garden:

I am hoping this will help keep some of the weeds down until I am ready to plant and mulch next year. I will till the leaves in next spring along with some additional amendments as the soil isn’t all that great. I am looking forward to planning and planting this garden from scratch.

The rest of the shredded leaves filled my old compost bin. I found that once the shredded leaves settled, it didn’t really amount to much. The new compost bin will wait until spring to be put together:

I also raked and gathered up a pile of pine needles (AKA pine straw). This worked really well for mulching between the rows of beans this past season.

The weather has been much warmer than normal this time of year. Even the spinach is still growing in the SFG without any protection. I had given up on my fall spinach planting, but I may be able to harvest a few leaves to top a sandwich or a wrap:

Some small garlic that I must have missed when harvesting have sprouted:

No signs of life yet from the garlic I planted last month. I even removed some of the shredded leaves to see if there was anything under there yet:

Nope, nothing there. I hope this just means that the garlic is focusing its energy growing roots instead of shoots. I guess I’ll find out next spring.

I can’t wait for next spring.


  1. November's been unbelievably kind to us this year, hasn't it. It was warm and wonderful today here too.
    Great job on the new garden bed. Leaf mulch is positively one of the best gardening media out there. Free and versatile, I love it ! Can't wait to see the new bed taking shape next Spring.

    I'm sure your garlic is happily rooting under there. And how about the little spinach that could. Enjoy !

  2. Shredded leaves are a great addition to compost and as a mulch. You will have some particularly nice compost from that bin. My favorite compost pile to use every year is the one that included the prior year's fall leaf harvest.

  3. Nov has been great here too. Looks like it will cool off soon though... unfortunately. Your spinach looks very nice, prime specimens!

  4. Same here for Nov. It's been just beautiful during the days. My garlic is almost a foot out of the ground, and that scares me. I wish it was tucked nicely away like yours.

  5. Oh god....I don't even want to see a leaf right now. I need to get some pine starw for my trees, too.

  6. I'm like EG. I'm pretty tired of leaves right now, but I've collected a lot. I've been enjoying our wonderful weather. I just can't believe it. I keep expecting to see my garlic poking up too, but so far nothing.

  7. Nice leaf mulch. I wish we could get more over here. But my compost bins aren't set up yet. Still more work to do! Enjoy your bounty. Even if they don't smother weeds, they make them much easier to pull up.

  8. Wow, what a difference in that foundation garden!

    I hope my neighbor in WA is saving her leaves for me. I couldn't believe all the bags she saved last year shredded down to only three bags full! I told her I need MORE! The only leaves I have down here are oleanders, and they are poisonous :-(

  9. Miss m: I can’t believe the weather lately. We will take it, that’s for sure. I hope you are right about the garlic.

    kitsapFG: I only wish I had more shredded leaves

    Dan: Yes, cool weather is coming, but I am enjoying what I can.

    Ribbit: Your garlic should be fine.

    EG: What? Not excited about shredded leaves? LOL! I don’t blame you right now.

    Daphne: I agree, the weather has been unbelievable.

    Stefaneener: I hope you are right about the weeds being easier to pull thorough the leaf mulch. I know I have my work cut out for me with this area.

    Granny: I hope your WA neighbor saves leaves for you too. I was amazed how small my pile of leaves ended up once shredded. I need to find out a way to get more.