Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guess What I'll Be Doing This Weekend?


  1. Lucky you! I have to send children out with wagons and bags to gather leaves from the streets, literally. No good deciduous trees here. . . no lawn, either.

    My children would trade it for your back 40!

  2. Think of it as a crop ! lol.
    Enjoy ! =D

    ps. good weather, good music and a little wine might be useful too. Lovely pic, btw.

  3. That's what I've been doing for over a week. I so love my leaves.

  4. Oh Boy. That is a lot of leaves. I hope it goes quickly.

  5. I do miss the smell and crunch underfoot of fall leaves. We don't have many trees in our area- I have to go into town to get leaves. I brought home the first batch the other day.

  6. They look dry and good to go! Ours are soggy and compacted (happens every year!). I have a few weeks to go before the rest fall, so I get a reprieve for a while yet.

    That is a lovely fall picture.

  7. Stefaneener: I do feel lucky to have all these leaves to add to the compost bin. I won’t be raking completely by hand (thank goodness). This year I invested in a leaf vacuum/mulcher to help.

    Miss M (InfG): Yes, yes….just another crop. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself. Psst…I’m not sure if it is working yet ;)

    EG: I am trying to view my leaves as the money I’ll save on compost next year :) So with that mindset, I am looking forward to gathering leaves for the bins.

    Daphne: I did one round of leaf gathering/shredding so far, but I was waiting for the last bits of leaves to fall before doing another sweep. The apple trees were the last to release their leaves.

    Azplantlady: It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend and I have some help. So it won’t be too bad.

    Amy: I love the smell of dry leaves too! That is great that you can acquire pre-bagged leaves for your compost.

    kitsapFG: Well, they were good and dry….I probably should have gathered them yesterday as now they are covered with snow and we expect rain later this afternoon too. Hopefully they will dry out a bit before the weekend to make gathering a little easier.