Saturday, November 14, 2009


Remember the little Super Marzano Tomato that I rooted from a sucker? It is still growing inside. I was surprised to see a bit of blushing going on yesterday.

It looks like I will have at least one home grown tomato this season.


  1. Hooray!! You can't not at this point.

  2. WOOHOO!! You are there! Even if it fell off the plant at this point, if you keep it in a warm environment it will finish ripening. Once it breaks color you are good to go so long as it is kept in a warm place.

  3. We are taught that a tomato which has begun to show pink color is mature. It cannot not continue to ripen, unless you eat it, cook it or treat it in some other manner. You did it! Fantastic!

  4. Stefaneener: I am so afraid something will happen still.

    Miss M: Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Jan: I rooted this little tomato plant from a sucker. It stayed inside because I didn’t have a spot for it. Then I continued to keep it inside because Late Blight killed all my outside tomatoes.

    kitsapFG: Well, the dog could eat it :)

    Janie: Thanks!