Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter approaches quickly upon the garden spot

Winter approaches quickly upon the garden spot. Just last week we were remarking on how gentle November has been to us. Days were mild and nights hovered near freezing. We were thankful.

How quickly things change as a Nor’easter descends. Winds whipped and howled throughout the evening. Although actual snow has not fallen as of yet, the sense of winter is here. Extreme rain did fall, saturating the ground and seeping into our basement. We shield ourselves from the deluge and thrust out the stream that invades our home. We build fire to chase away the chill that threatens to leach into our walls. This battle will be long, it will be difficult, we lie dormant for now, but we WILL emerge in spring to welcome life and growth once again.


  1. Rumor has it that this winter will be a pretty tough one with lots of snow on the horizon, but don't we say that each year? I'm really hoping that it will be rainy and brief, though I generally don't get what I ask for in the weather department.

    Today was a very windy day for us as well. Hopefully, it is not a sign of things to come!

  2. The wind paid us a visit also and ran off with the snowblower's cover ! Lol
    I've searched around the neighborhood but it's nowhere to be found.

  3. hunkerdown and stay warm and safe.

  4. I've been looking at the long range forecasts and it looks like we are about to be frozen starting next week. The warm weather was fun while it lasted. I'm going to have to pick all the more tender fall crops from the garden (lettuce, broccoli, Chinese cabbage).

  5. Unlike Thomas, I hope for early snow that stays. Not only is snow great for outdoor activity (I was thinking of cross-country skiing, not shoveling :-)), but it's good for the garden. That insulating blanket will protect plants from freeze and thaw cycles, and it's what makes it possible for me to grow zone 5 plants even though I regularly have winter temps of -20 or even -25 F. It's in the winters without much snow that I lose plants. -Jean

  6. Maybe your winter will make spring look fantastic.

  7. Winter is in the air in the Pacific Northwest too. You can smell it in the air and feel it in your bones.

    Stay warm and cozy and remember that spring is just a few short months away.

  8. Thomas: I hope we don’t have lots of snow, but we will deal with whatever Mother Nature dishes out, won’t we?

    Miss M: Oh I hate when that happens! We lost bright blue tarp once that blew away during a windy night. Never found it again.

    Ribbit: We are hunkering down. It’s much easier now that we have the woodstove operational.

    Daphne: I know, this week looks much colder than last. It WAS nice while it lasted, but we all know what to expect in the near future.

    Jean: I still need to mulch my roses. Talk about procrastination! It’s true though, the snow actually helps insulate the perennials. However, I still hope for mild winters every year.

    Stefaneener: Yes! That is a wonderful way to look at it! LOL!

    kitsapFG: Definitely can feel winter in our bones. The air too smells of snow. It will be here soon. You are correct, spring is only a few months away.

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  10. but just think, the best part about winter is just starting... the mailing of the seed catalogs!