Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh, There’s a Storm Coming!

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The weather people have been talking about it for a week. Huge nor’easter over the New Year’s weekend! A three day snow event! Expect up to 2-3 feet of snow! It’s difficult not to get sucked up in the hype. There is always a small chance that the worst may occur.

We have lost electricity briefly during storms in the past, so K and I spent the week making sure we are ready for the worst case scenario just in case:

• We stocked up on groceries for the weekend.
• Filled the gas tank for the snow thrower.
• Checked our battery, candle and oil lamp inventory.
• Verified that we have a full propane tank for the outdoor gas grill.
• Brought wood inside for the wood stove.
• Charged our cell phones.

We are prepared! Bring it on!

I hope you all have a safe New Year’s Eve! I’ll post pictures over the weekend.


  1. Hello "brutally cold" storm recipient!

    That's great you are so prepared, now you can enjoy all the snow. When we get big snowfalls here in Alaska, I usually have to run outside and knock the snow off of the smaller trees and shrubs so they don't split from the weight of the snow. I use a broom to do it. I figure the neighbors think I'm crazy wacking the trees with a broom, oh well, a gardener's got to do what she's got to do!

    Cheers from "bitterly cold" country,


  2. It's always a good idea to be prepared. In January 1998, when Maine and Quebec had an enormous ice storm that lasted for days and knocked out almost all electrical power to the whole state, I was without power for 10 days. It got old about day three, but being prepared definitely made a difference. -Jean

  3. Fortunately, I will not be one of those adventurous types who brave the weather to see a ball drop. I like it nice and warm in front of my fireplace. I don't expect that we'll geat as much snow but then again, we've been blindsided before!

  4. Dang, that sounds like a really bad storm. It would cripple the town where I live. I never thought about using the gas grill during a power outage. See? I learn new things all the time! Good luck, and happy new year!

  5. Once the preparations are double checked... I actually enjoy storm events because it is a good excuse to just hang out and enjoy the snug nest of "home" while the weather outside is frightful. We are surrounded by huge trees so when we get a high wind event, heavy wet snows, or ice storms... the power ALWAYS goes out. We have our wood stove though and it makes ALL the difference.

  6. I didn't prepare at all, but we supposed to only get 8". I think you might only get less than 2', but it is good you are prepared.

  7. I love Daphne's comment of 'ONLY' 8". HA! Hope you stayed warm.

  8. Christine B: Welcome! I suppose it must be much different in Alaska! Luckily our small trees can handle a little snow for the most part. I am sure it’s not anywhere near what you experience. It’s when they are coated with ice then it becomes a problem. Most people around here put little a-frames over their shrubs for the winter.

    Jean: I lived in Portland during the ’98 ice storm and we were lucky to lose power only briefly in comparison to the three weeks most folks endured. What an experience that was and I am glad to have learned from it. Last year we lost power for less than 24-hours in the winter. We didn’t have the woodstove working at that time and it got really uncomfortably cold in the house. We also ran out of water to flush the toilet. We vowed to face this winter more prepared.

    Thomas: We too stayed home for New Years Eve. I don’t like venturing out on slippery roads to begin with, couple that with other drivers indulging on alcohol and it is quite dangerous. Not for us. We even fell asleep before midnight.

    EG: Time will tell if the storm is as bad as predicted. The local news media tends to sensationalize large winter storms. It usually gives the local grocery stores a surge in customers as they fear being snowed in for weeks. It sets my mind at ease to be prepared just in case.

    kitsapFG: I would be quite happy to stay home all weekend now that we are as prepared as we can be. K on the other hand, works from home and just may go stir crazy if there is no internet connection.

    Daphne: Usually we rebel against the hype too. But this storm seemed so massive that we wanted to set our minds at ease. I doubt the snow will amount to 2-3 feet, but we will see.

    Ribbit: I would be happy with “only” 8-inches :) We will stay warm thanks to our wood stove.

  9. looks like I know where I'll be heading if we lose power :) have a very happy new year and stay nice and toasty in all of our snowy bliss!

  10. Good for you for being prepared! I have a friend who lives in New Brunswick out in the country and they are also expecting the worst.

    Hope that your new year that's coming in like a lion means a very good year!

  11. Well, I see by my local weather site it's snowing in your area at the moment. I hope it's not as bad as predicted. In any case, you're well prepared to take it on !

    We got about 2 inches here today. I probably should go out there and clear it.

    Happy New Year, GrafixMuse ! :)