Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Expected Later This Afternoon

Snow has been predicted for us later this afternoon into the evening. We spent some time out in the yard this morning doing some last minute preparations. It sure feels and looks like snow outside:

I filled all the bird feeders with birdseed and suet while the birds watched from the woods nearby.

I spotted some green in the herb garden. Upon closer inspection, I found that the Thyme is still alive. This one looks really healthy and I am hoping it will come back next year:

This one looks to be struggling:

There is also some Greek Oregano sprouting some re-growth:

So I decided to pot up some of the Greek Oregano and Thyme plants and bring them inside to spend their winter in a sunny window:

We brought in some wood for the woodstove and made sure the wood pile’s tarp is secure. Then built a fire and spent a cozy afternoon relaxing and waiting for the snow:


  1. Nah..those pets aren't comfortable, are they? ;)

    Stay good and bundled up.

  2. Hey, did I hear you guys got temps in the 60's yesterday ? Wow, how quickly things change.

    Keep warm and cozy, just like your lovely pets ! Nice to meet them, btw. :) (I see you're not suspertitious either. ;) )

  3. ** oops, make that superstitious. lol !

  4. I was getting the feeders out today as well. The squirrels are much less active now so hopefully the birds will get some. We are not in for any snow yet, sunny and cold today. Looks like Weds might be the first snow day. The window sill herbs will be nice and those are some happy pets!

  5. What a good idea. The oregano just goes and goes here. I'm going to have to grow thyme and marjoram this year, too.

    Enjoy your coziness.

  6. Ribbit: I probably should have mentioned that I had to sit at the dining room table because all the comfy spots were occupied.

    Miss M: We did have some really crazy weather on Thursday. It began with a lot of rain and wind. By noon, temps were in the 60s.

    No, not superstitious here that’s for sure. The two kitties are sisters, Jasmine has short hair and Mysty has long hair.

    Dan: Looks like I will have to fill the feeders again today. You can always tell when a storm is coming by the way the birds feed. Luckily, I haven’t been bothered by squirrels for a while.

    Stefaneener: I am already missing fresh greens from the garden. Having some fresh herbs may help. I am hoping to add to the variety of herbs I grow next year too.

  7. The pictures of the cats and dog snuggled into cozy places - waiting for the arrival of winter - is sweet. So much like our cat and dog who much prefer the cozy confines of the house and wood stove when the weather turns chill.