Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Has Arrived to the Garden Spot

As of this week, Winter has now arrived here at the Garden Spot. We have had two significant snow storms, the one last Sunday dropped 5-inches. The storm on Wednesday dumped 10-inches, then was topped off with some freezing temperatures and harsh winds. According to, we may have even dipped into single digits overnight. This morning at 9 am it was 14˚F/-10˚C outside. This snow cover will be here to stay for a while.

The wood stove is providing a nice supplemental heat in the house. We use it mostly in the evening and on weekends and rely on our furnace the rest of the time. We are having more wood delivered next week that should keep us going most of the winter.

The tomato plant growing inside has given us another ripe tomato:

However, the plant itself isn’t looking too healthy. The diminished sunlight and cooler temperatures are taking a toll. I’m not sure how much longer it will survive.

I can’t stand the taste of lettuce purchased in the store now. So I am trying to grow some inside. The seeds germinated now let’s see if they will grow:

As of this weekend, I have finished my Christmas shopping. Now it’s wrapping, baking, and other preparations for the holiday spent with family.

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I am looking forward to planning the 2010 garden. I will be growing from seed for the first time this year and still need to plot out the Garden Spot to see what I need to plan on growing. We will also be adding three more 4x4 Square Foot Gardens in the spring and will need to purchase more fencing to surround the garden to protect it from Bradie and other creatures. I can't wait for Spring.


  1. Ouch. That's alot of snow, and 14 degrees is pretty brutal. However, the wood stove does a great job at warming things up, I bet. If we ever add onto the house, i'll most likely put in a fireplace or wood stove myself. Stay warm.

  2. Hi there,
    A friend (who teaches in Maine) took me to Freeport on a tour of the area. Still have fond memories.
    Connected with your blog on Blotanical.
    I'm indoors, too. It's the rainy season here in Northern California.
    All best,

  3. Oh my goodness! That's a TON of snow. Hunker down!

  4. Our snow doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon either and we're expected to get more later on today. I don't know about you, but our temps are expected to dip down to the single digits later on this week....oh how quickly our weather has changed.

    I'm glad you got another ripe tomato from your plant! I hope your lettuce works out. I'm thinking of growing some sprouts and shoots to eat when I get my seed starting shelf constructed.

  5. We are still snowless here, not that I am complaining. We did get a lot of rain though followed by very cold temps. In the northern part of Ontario they received over 3 feet of snow at once! I am glade I don't live up there. The stove looks mighty cozy and I like the sounds of the added beds!

  6. Gosh, I haven't had a bit of snow here in AZ ;-) Yours is sure pretty, but it looks awfully cold.

  7. Beautiful winter scene. It adds a nice touch to the holiday season - but definitely makes one wish for the garden season to arrive.

  8. I also miss the taste of homegrown. Indoor lettuce is a great idea !

    We have about twice as much snow here at the moment. It snowed again today but temps are mild (just under freezing) and winterwonderlandishly pleasant.

  9. EG: We lost some of the snow today. It warmed up to 46 today! I never had a wood stove before, but I love it. It’s so cozy.

    Alice: Welcome! Freeport is a nice area. Did you go shopping?

    Ribbit: It compacts down a bit in between storms. Plus we had some melting today.

    Thomas: We only had about 2-inches of accumulation last night, then it was topped off with some rain. Yes, our temps are supposed to dip to single digits later this week too. I’m trying not to think about it. LOL!

    Dan: I can’t believe you are still snowless. There seems to be snow accumulating all around you. It’ll be there soon enough.

    Granny: It is pretty and not too unbearable right now. I don’t mind snow in December and January. It’s February and March that makes winter seem so long to me.

    Miss M: I don’t know how the lettuce will do inside, but we will see. Oh boy, twice as much snow?

  10. That's pretty, but more "pretty to visit" for me. Good luck with the lettuce -- it can't hurt!

    You could always do sprouts if you get anxious for greens during the winter.

  11. When I visited Maine, I must admit, I was fixated on finding breaded french fried clams. I lived on Boston's North Shore at one time and aside from lobster, these clams were my favorite. I did find them in Maine, and my craving was satisfied. Also.... shopped a bit ;-D
    See you on Blotnical?
    Happy holidays!