Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Garden Planning: Bed B

Last Friday, I blogged about my garden plan for Bed A. Bed B is also a traditional in ground garden bed (Click to view larger image).

This year I am planning to plant potatoes, pole beans, cucumbers, and maybe carrots too if there is enough space.

The potatoes are new to the Garden Spot. It is my first time trying to grow potatoes. Laura’s blog post at The Modern Victory Garden on "Raised Bed Potatoes" gave me the courage to give these a try. I will be growing them in the traditional garden, but the trenching process will be the same. Thanks Laura!

I have purchased my seed potatoes from Pinetree Garden Seeds right here in my home town. I will be picking them up in March.

I will be planting two varieties, Dark Red Norland is an early season variety and Kennebec is a mid season variety that is also late blight resistant.

Kennebec & Dark Red Norland images from Pinetree Garden Seeds

There is some extra space in the garden plan for wiggle room as I am not sure how much space the potatoes will require. The general rule of thumb seems to be one-pound of seed potatoes will plant a five-eight foot row. Any extra space will be filled with a few rows of Sugar Snax Carrots. Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions blogged that these were her favorite out of the other varieties she grew last year. So I wanted to give them a try. Thanks Daphne!

Pole Beans will be planted at the base of the two trellis structures at the north section of Bed B. I will be growing two rows of Kentucky Wonder pole beans and Purple Trionfo Violetto on each trellis. One on each side. I found that pole beans don’t mind being crowded a bit.

I was not planning on any Bush Beans this year as we seemed to have an over abundance of beans last year and can use the space for new things. However, last year the Pole Beans didn’t start producing until mid-August so I may have to squeeze in a row or two of Bush Beans so we can enjoy them a little sooner.

I was very pleased with the Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans last year. In fact, we just had some last night from the freezer. They still taste very good.

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans from the 2009 Garden

This is the first year I am growing Purple Trionfo Violetto and must admit that I was intrigued by the color and vigorous growth promised in the Pinetree Garden Seeds catalog description.

Purple Trionfo Violetto image from Pinetree Garden Seeds

There is an archway trellis between the two beds where cucumbers will be grown. I currently have seeds for Sumter Cucumbers, but may pick up another variety to try too.

Sumter Cucumber from the 2009 Garden

Up Next: Square Foot Gardens (SFG) C, D & E!


  1. I hope you like the carrots. I'm going to be growing them and Mokum. Everyone raves about Mokum's taste so I just had to see.

  2. I'd like to know how many bean plants you put in last year ? (to get an idea for mine). I'm trying Trionfo Violetto also. Purple beans are so pretty ! It's a shame they turn green when cooked. I wonder if there's a purple variety that doesn't ?

    I said no to potatoes this year, I hope I don't regret it. Nice selection and good luck with yours !

  3. Your plans for Bed B look good! I am adding a purple bush bean to my garden this year (Royal Burgundy) but will not be growing as big a patch because I don't need quite as much bean harvests in 2010 as my daughter will be leaving for college in late summer and we will be down to just two people to feed on a regular basis. I am trying to modify my quantities to accomodate that expectation. Probably take me a few years to get the new head count amounts really figured out.

  4. I was gonna buy some dark red norland as well but in the end, changed my mine. I have know idea how I'm gonna fit potatoes into my garden plan. I have a feeling a lot of them will end up in pots.

  5. I think your bean plan is a sound one. It's so much fun thinking about people's plans!

  6. Daphne: I am really looking forward to the Sugar Snax Carrots. I am also planning on two other varieties in the SFG.

    Miss M: Last year I had seven rows of string beans. The seeds were planted about 4-inches apart. Each row was about 8-feet long. There were 4 rows of pole beans and 1 row each of the yellow, burgundy, and green bush beans. So maybe 170 plants?

    I agree that purple beans are so pretty…and really easy to pick.

    kitsapFG: I may still grow some Royal Burgundy bush beans too if I can find the space. They are so pretty.

    Thomas: There are so many varieties and I really don’t know the difference. I do know I wanted a red variety, so I hope I made the right choice.

    Stefaneener: I think beans are my favorite canned or frozen vegetable, so I went a little overboard growing them last year.