Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Garden Planning: Intro

I don’t know what it is about gardening, but even when there is snow outside and the temperatures are very cold, the task of planning next years vegetable plot warms my heart and lifts my spirits. I know that soon there will be new life sprouting and growing into fresh vegetables to enjoy again.

Last weekend I was finally able to sit down and concentrate on plotting out the 2010 Garden Spot. This is such an exciting process as I am looking forward to this growing season more than any others. In the past, I have purchased transplants and direct seeded most of my garden. This year I am attempting to grow from seed requiring much earlier planning and growing.

I gathered up the seeds I have on hand and merged these with the list of seeds I need to purchase. Then I plotted out the general garden plan. This will change as it always does. But it gives me a general idea on how many plants I will need to plan on.

The garden spot it divided into two traditional in ground garden beds (A & B) and three 4x4 Square Foot Gardens (C, D & E). I was so pleased with my first season with Square Foot Gardens, that we will be adding three more 4x4 boxes (F, G & H).

Below is my seed list so far for the Garden Spot:

Fernleaf Dill
Sweet Basil
Parsley (Curled)
Parsley (Fat Leaf)
Cilantro (Large Leaf)

Japanese Eggplant

Charantais Melon
Fastbreak Melon
Sugar Baby Watermelon

San-Marzano Tomato
Roma VF
Early Girl Hybrid

Cayenne Pepper
California Wonder Bell
Jalapeno Chili Pepper
Anaheim Pepper

Little Finger
Sugar Snax

Dark Red Norland

Kentucky Wonder Pole
Purple Trionfo Violetto Pole

Grand Rapids Leaf Lettuce
Mesclun Mix
Simpson Elite
Red Salad Bowl
Marvielle of 4 Seasons
Burpee Bib Butterhead

Romanian Red Garlic
Purple Glazer Garlic
Evergreen Bunching Onion
Onion Sets

Sumter Cucumber

Zucchini Hybrid

Bloomsdale Spinach
Indian Summer Hybrid

Snow Peas:
Carouby de Mausanne

I will show more detailed plans over the next week.


  1. I love seeing everyone's seed list. We are all so similarly obsessed, yet so different. I will be watching to see if you are successful with the Charentais melon. I keep trying, but haven't eaten one yet. 2010 is the year!

  2. Henbogle, you hit it right on the head. It looks fantastic GM. I wish we liked peppers more. There's so much more I could grow if we liked peppers.

  3. Great selection GM ! I need to check out some of those varieties. Marveille sounds so posh ! :D

    I'm growing melon this year also. Last year's trial with seeds from a store bought cantaloup didn't amount to much. I remember your fastbreak melon did well last year despite the awful weather, so I figured I'd try again, this time with proper seeds (and proper timing !) I chose 2 early varieties - Minnesota Midget and Iroquois. We'll see how they do.

  4. Please do regular updates on the Fastbreak melons - been a bit interested in them and would like to hear how they perform for you.

    Happy Planning!

  5. Hello! I just enjoy looking at all diffrent garden plans and seed lists for next year.

  6. "the task of planning next years vegetable plot warms my heart and lifts my spirits", so well said. With seeds in hand I am ready to get started. It is exciting to think that soon we will be seeing little green shoots emerge and from that our vegetables will grow.

  7. That's a nice list, for sure. I agree that planning the garden when it's cold and dreary outside certainly will warm the heart. Here's to a successful gardening season for you.....

  8. Very nice list of herbs and veggies! I am very interested in your garlic selections. I am thinking of trying garlic in 2010 for the first time. I would love it if you posted updates on how your garlic is coming along. Thanks!

  9. Henbogle: This is the first time trying Charentais Melons, so we will see. I was impressed with the Fastbreak Melons last year, so hopefully…

    Ribbit: Believe it or not, I don’t really like peppers much. But we like salsa. So I grow them to make salsa. That is eaten during the year and given away as gifts.

    Miss M: I grew Marvielle of 4 Seasons Lettuce late in the season last year and enjoyed it very much. It has a sweet butter lettuce flavor with red tipping. I picked it up because it is supposed to because it is supposed to be slower to bolt than other lettuce. I am looking forward to growing it again.

    Ooooh! I bet you will do well with Minnesota Midget and Iroquois melons. I see they both have early maturity of 70+ days. I am looking forward to watching how they grow for you.

    KitsapFG: Yes, I will post frequent updates of the Fastbreak Melons. So glad that you are interested. These did really well for me last year when I planted them from transplants. I hope they do as well when grown from seeds too.

    Vrtlarica: I too enjoy seeing what everyone is planning to grow in their gardens. It’s amazing how diverse each of our gardens are.

    Di: Thanks, Di! I can’t wait to get started either. I need to develop a seed schedule so I don’t plant too early.

    Tee Riddle: This is the first time growing Romanian Red and Purple Glazer Garlic. I was a little late ordering my garlic last fall and a lot of other varieties were sold out. These looked good enough as any from the description. I be sure to post updates as they grow.