Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Garden Planning: SFGs F, G, & H

Last year was my first time trying Square Food Gardens (SFGs).

I was very pleased with how well things grew. I split some crops up and planted some in the traditional gardens and some in the square foot gardens to compare.

Up until the tomatoes were struck with late blight, the growth was the same. Peppers too grew and matured at the same rate and seemed to have similar fruit production in both the traditional garden and the SFG.

Many things grown in the SFGs had better growth than years past. Lettuce, eggplants, onions, garlic, and herbs did remarkably well considering the rainy weather we had. I believe this can mostly be contributed to the lack of competition with weeds and the draining properties of Mel’s Mix. I also found the SFGs are also much easier to work in. I can kneel on the side and easily reach in on all sides.

It was an easy decision for me to add three more 4x4 SFGs to the garden spot. Here are the plans for the new SFGs F, G, & H (click to view larger image):

Like SFGs C and D, the north squares will have a trellis that will support three San-Marzano Tomatoes each. The squares in front of the tomatoes will have Little Fingers Carrots and Nantes Carrots planted via Granny’s Seed Mat method. Peppers and Eggplant will be planted in the squares in front of the carrots.

SFG E will have mostly herbs: Parsley, Basil, Dill, Cilantro, Patterson Onions, and two bell peppers. The green shaded spot is to represent the shade that falls in this spot in the early morning from a nearby tree. I hope it won’t inhibit the growth too badly.

That’s it for the 2010 garden plan. It will probably change, but at least it will give me a general idea of how many seedlings to plan on.

2010 Garden Planning: Intro
2010 Garden Planning: Traditional Bed A
2010 Garden Planning: Traditional Bed B
2010 Garden Planning: SFGs C, D, & E


  1. I think I would be more interested in square foot gardening if I lived in or near the city and only had a small plot to grow in....I like how the square beds look in a city roof or yard.

    How much does it cost on average to fill up a 4x4 bed with mel's mix? I imagine it can get kind of expensive?

  2. I swear, I'm getting the shakes...I want to plant something! My seeding time is still 5-6 weeks away. Whimper.

  3. Just having a garden plan makes good sense. Granny, when I'm going through withdrawals I play with my drawings and plans. Sometimes it helps.

  4. @ Granny - Haha!

    Rachel - You've planned things out quite well, and I can't wait to see your production numbers. Surely the blight won't show up again....

  5. Nice plan. I need to get mine down on paper... it's still all in my head and it keeps changing!

  6. I really like the square foot grid and a well amended soil - but I prefer to double dig for a much deeper bed and use the native soil rather than do the mel's mix route.

    Your plans are coming together nicely. You should have a great bounty to enjoy this year!

  7. I keep thinking that I ought to get myself started on planning. I tend to just do it in my head though so no one can see it. Maybe I should do it on paper one day.

  8. Thomas: I live in the country and have a good sized yard. I like SFGs, but also have a traditional in ground plot that I have used for 8-years. However, it is a constant battle with crabgrass and weeds. That’s why I wanted to try SFGing. I like it for some things, but like the traditional garden for others.

    I can’t remember how much it all cost, but I’ll be constructing 3 more 4x4 boxes in the spring and will let you know then. I found the mostly one time cost was worth it. Now all I have to do is add a little compost every now and then.

    AG: I really want to plant something too! But it is too early for me as well. That is probably why I am putting so much effort into planning things out. Just thinking about gardening is fun.

    Stefaneener: Yup…planning the garden helps with withdrawals.

    EG: Thanks! Gosh I hope blight doesn’t show up again. That was such a disappointment.

    Liisa: I was hoping that putting the plant on paper and published on the blog would discourage me from making changes. However, I have already swapped things around and added a few things. ::sigh::

    Kitsap FG: I agree that a deeper bed is much better for healthy plants to spread their roots. I think I like having both SFGs and a traditional in-ground garden with well amended native soil. Some things do better in the SFG, others in the regular garden.

    Daphne: Usually, I have a general idea in my head. But I am planting seeds for the first time and needed to know how many plants to plan on. I am a bit anal sometimes.