Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Garden Planning: SFGs C, D & E

Earlier, I blogged about my garden plan for traditional gardens Bed A and Bed B. This entry is the plan for the Square Foot Gardens (SFG) that I tried for the first time in 2009.

Three 4x4 SFGs were introduced to the garden spot spring 2009. I was impressed at how well they worked and will be adding three more this year. Here is the plan for the 2nd year SFGs (Click for larger image):

SFG E is filled with garlic planted last fall.

Garlic Planted Fall 2009

SFGs C & D have trellis structure on the north side of each box. Carouby de Mausanne Snow Peas will be planted on these trellis structures early spring, then three San-Marzano Tomatoes along each trellis. The Snow Peas should be finished by the time the tomatoes will need the trellis.

Last year, I had peppers growing in the squares in front of the tomatoes and found that I am not very good at pruning the tomatoes and some branches reached out towards the squares in front of them crowding the peppers a bit.

Peppers Crowded by Tomatoes in the 2009 Garden

So this year, I will plant peppers in squares towards the south of the boxes. Different types of lettuce will be planted in the squares in between beginning in early spring. If there are any lettuce plants still growing by the time the tomatoes are large enough to spread their branches, they will probably not mind a little shade.

I didn’t have very much luck with spinach last year, but I am going to try again in early spring. I am also trying evergreen bunching onions for the first time. Both will be planted much earlier than last year.

I already see a place where I will have to make a change. At first, I wasn’t planning on growing onions from seed, but I added a package of Copra Onion seeds to my Johnny’s order. I will want to plant these onions out in early spring. So four squares of peppers will be moved to the new 4x4 SFGs that have not been built yet so I can use that space to transplant out early onion seedlings.

Next: Three New SFGs!


  1. Your plans look great! Can't wait to see it all grow. I am starting my onions by the weekend. I am hoping this will be the year I finally grow onions that are larger then shallots!

  2. Building more boxes, eh? This sfg'ing sure is addictive, isn't it? I hope your 2010 garden is the best one yet.....

  3. The garden plans are really coming along nicely. I had a rather "ho hum" year for garlics and onions in 2009 - did okay but were not up to potential at all. I am hoping 2010 is a better allium year for me.

  4. I'm hoping to expand my onions this year. I've run out already. Your plans look great.

  5. I think everyone is looking for ways to expand. It's like a disease.

  6. I love your boxes. We currently have 6 raised beds and are looking at adding a few more. Sure makes it easier on this ole body when bending. ;)

  7. I love seeing your garden plans -- it almost makes me think about growing my own veggies. But as a one-person household, I long ago learned that it makes much more sense for me to support my local farmers by joining their CSA. Still, all your planned plants look wonderful. -Jean

  8. GM is one organized lady ! I love browsing your plans. (Your work is always so neat !)

    After just one season, I'm expanding too. I've definitely been 'bit' by the vegetable bug. Can't say if this new passion will last. But at the rate I'm going, the entire back yard might soon be turned into a vegetable patch !

  9. Dan: You are starting your onions this weekend? Really? I wasn’t going to start mine until mid-Feb, but it would be fun to start something this weekend. Last year was the first time I grew onions and they were grown from transplants. They didn’t get very large.

    EG: Yup, 3 more boxes. I love how easy SFGing is.

    Kitsap: Last year was very experimental for me and I took that into consideration when I planted my first onion and garlic transplants. I was successful enough to convince me to try them both on a larger scale. We will see how they do.

    Daphne: Every time I purchase onions or scallions in the grocery store I think about how I could be using my home grown instead. Hopefully this year.

    Stafaneener: I knew my mid summer that I wanted to add more SFGs. They were easy to plan, had very little weeds, and produced well for us. It is like a disease, but a good one ☺

    Di: The raised beds are much easier to work in. The low number of weeds are a huge plus to me. Plus any weeding that needs to be done is much easier too.

    Jean: I get a thrill from eating food that I’ve grown myself. You could always try growing a small plot of salad fixings.

    Miss M: I try to be organized in some things…Since I can’t be digging in the dirt right now, planning is almost as enjoyable. Out of all the hobbies I have tried in my lifetime and got bored with, vegetable gardening has stuck. I think its because of the “time off” in the winter.

  10. I really need to give SFG a go. It just amazing how much you and Gran can pack into those raised beds. I can't decide whether to trellis my tomatoes or build cages for them...I'm leaning towards cages but I just don't know if I have the space in my basement to store them.

    Your garlic sowing looks ultra neat. I love it!