Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow Surprise!

Ok, so either I didn’t pay much attention to the weather forecast yesterday, or the weather predictions were off. I was expecting around 4- inches of snow to fall today. I woke up to at least 8-inches and it is still falling!

I'm glad I am working at home today.


  1. LOL... we find many of the forecasts cannot get the current weather correct: 100% chance of precipitation= blue sky and the sun happens to be is shining; winds of up to 70 mph= the air was absolutely calm... I know they try.

  2. Oh my goodness! Didn't you guys just get done with a bunch of this stuff. There's no mercy!

  3. Same here. We got a lot of heavy snow. I can't believe that just when the snow from our last storm was beginning to disappear, we get more. Boo!

  4. Wow that is quite a pile on the bird feeder. I would be grateful to work at home too on such a day.

    We had high winds since really early this morning and our lawn and garden is littered with rather sizable tree branches and twigs. Knocked over one portion of one of the grow tunnels that I will have to go rescue in a few minutes. So no snow here... but falling trees. :D

  5. That is quite a lot. We're getting it in water form this week. Rain, rain, rain. I'm glad you're working at home, too!

  6. Yes, the weather forecasts were off -- the storm must have tracked further north than predicted. I was supposed to drive down to RI this morning, so it was a real shocker to wake up to all that snow -- more than a foot here and still falling. -Jean

  7. Oh god, I don't even wamt to think about does look quite lovely, though.

  8. We just got back from vacation and ahhh I hate to shovel to get the car back in the driveway.

  9. Di: Over the New Years weekend we had weather predictions that said we were going to get 3 feet of snow! When we only got 1 foot we thought we were lucky.

    Ribbit: The snow from the New Years storm had melted down to only about 4-inches. This storm ended up being 1-foot. Now another one is adding to that. Its times like these I wonder if spring will ever come.

    Thomas: I saw the pictures in your blog (very pretty, btw). It looks like you had the sticky, heavy kind. Ours was very light and fluffy. Still, it took 3-hours to dig out and clean up.

    Kitsap: I was really surprised to see the snow pile on the feeder. At least snow is soft and light, not like tree limbs crashing down on things.

    Stefaneener: Oh boy, too much rain isn’t good either.

    Jean: Oh dear! Yes, we ended up with a foot too. But at least I wasn’t planning on traveling.

    Daphne: Oh that is just not fair.

  10. It's so nice to be able to stay home on snow days!

    We've had a little blanket of snow on the ground all winter, well, up till now. It's melting.

    What a cute photo!