Monday, January 18, 2010

Soil Block Maker

Ok, I finally did it. I purchased a medium 2-inch soil block maker from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I’ve been wanting one for about a year now, but had difficulty justifying the cost plus shipping. Until I visited the shed over the weekend and found my seed trays crushed and broken.

PLUS there is a Coupon Code that takes $10.00 off an order of $20.00.

*Update: The coupon code above did take $10 off my order at the time, but I just tried it again after reading the comments to this post and verified that it is only taking 20% off orders up to $250 now.

Whenever I shop online, I do a google search for discount codes. For example: Johnny's Selected Seeds coupon. Then give the code a try to see if it works. Sometimes I am lucky :)


  1. I tried the code and it did work but it only took off $4 instead of the $10

  2. Good for you ! It's a great investment, especially with the rebate.

  3. You're kidding me! And I just bought one from them a few weeks ago! Boo! I may have to use that coupon code though. Call it a love hate relationship with Johnny.

  4. Oh... I so want a soil block maker!

  5. This will be my second year for soil blocks. I think they are great. John

  6. I think it might be a percentage. I used the code and it gave me about $4 off since I only ordered about $20. But thanks anyway. I forgot to order my soil block inserts, my bt and my sluggo in my Fedco order. Now I've got them all.

  7. I just read my confirmation email. The coupon is for 20% off an order up to $250.

  8. Anonymous: Sorry, it looks like the discount changed since I posted it.

    Miss M: I am excited to try it.

    Thomas: The discount took care of the shipping and tax and I just had to add a package of onion seeds to the order :)

    Toni: I’ve been wanting one for a while and finally just purchased it. I have no regrets.

    John: I just read up your blog postings on your soil block maker that you made last year. I wanted to make one, but I’m just not that talented.

    Daphne: You are right, the discount amount changed since I ordered. Thanks for letting me know.