Saturday, January 9, 2010

Windowsill Tomatoes in the Winter - It CAN be done

My experiment with the Super Marzano tomato growing inside continues.

The vines are unruly, the pot is too small requiring daily watering, but somehow the tomato plant continues to grow. It has recently produced a new flush of blooms. I made sure they were hand pollinated and have been rewarded with several bunches of small tomatoes growing.

This experience has convinced me to try growing a small patio tomato plant next winter.

Here are some previous posts that show the progress of this tomato plant:



  1. Great ! And the experiement continues, I hope ? You could start the season with a mature plant !

  2. That's so great. Will you put it in the ground or in a larger container when it warms up?

  3. How cool! I may have to try this next winter, though south facing windows are in short supply in our home.

    The more important question is- how do the tomatoes taste?

  4. Ribbit: Thanks :)

    miss m: Yes, I will allow the plant to continue growing. I don't know how long the plant will last, but maybe I can root some suckers from it for spring.

    Stefaneener: I am thinking about potting up and tying it up, but it will be a challenge at this point.

    Thomas: This is a paste tomato, but K says they taste good. I don't like tomatoes.

  5. That is just amazing! Most impressive and the thought of some fresh tomatoes during the middle of winter is just mind boggling.

  6. I have not thought of bringing a tomato plant indoors for the winter but you show it can be done. We may have to try that this winter.

  7. I did windowsill tomatoes one year with (I think) Red Robin tomatoes. They are little tiny plants. It was fun to see them grow with the snow outside. Yours look like they are doing great.

  8. Hi GM...I recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it. Especially the growing indoors in the winter..which is what I am doing also. My lettuce and spinach crops have been great...I am also growing tomatoes and you give me hope that they will actually produce fruit!