Sunday, February 21, 2010

February Seedling Update

The first batch of Onions were seeded on 2/7. The first three rows on the left on the Copra onions at 2 weeks:

The last three rows on the right are the Patterson onions also at two weeks:

Not a lot of growth since last week. I think they need to adjust to being both off the heat mat and out from under the humidity dome. It is pretty cool in the basement.

The second batch of Copra onions seeded on 2/14 sprouted and I have added these to the onion flat:

I am going to seed another small batch of Patterson onions in soil blocks to fill this tray. Might as well, right?

While the onions spouted pretty consistently, the other seeds I have planted have not.

Only five out of sixteen soilblocks of spinach seeded on 2/14 have sprouted so far:

Three out of twelve soilblocks of Parsley seeded on 2/8 have sprouted:

I am going to give these a little more time. There is still time to reseed since most of the seeds above were planted earlier than my seed starting schedule. I just can’t help myself.

Speaking about not being able to help myself…

Even though I have planned out the garden and developed a seed starting schedule, I still can’t resist seed packages in the stores. I thought I should use fresher seeds for broccoli, spinach, and wanted a different variety of cucumbers. So I justified picking up a few packages…but the Swiss Chard wasn’t in my plans:

Thomas’s celery seedlings looked so cute, that I wanted to try some too. I found Tall Utah seeds at one of the big box stores, next thing I knew the package was in my hand:

Right now, the plan is to build a couple extra Self Watering Containers to accommodate extra plants. I am thinking that celery may do well in a SWC since it requires a lot of water.

This weekend I seeded some more Patterson Onions, Celery, and another variety of Spinach.


  1. Looking good!

    I read in The Vegetable Gardener's Bible on page 257, Onions "When seedling tops begin to droop, use shears to cut the plants back about 3 inch (7.5cm) high. This stimulates additional root growth. Use the clippings in soups and salads."

    As for the spinach, 7 to 14 days is the norm. The "optimum" soil temp is 70F (21C). The range is 50 to 75F. When I direct sow into the beds the spinach can take up to three weeks sometimes.

  2. You are a soft touch, aren't you. The spinach and parsley are just slow starters. I'm always amazed at the variety of starting times. Even among the same seeds.

  3. I think your onions are looking lovely. And, yes, there's plenty of time to reseed the others if they don't cooperate. (Are those the ones sown on an off-moon day ? :P)

    Do you germinate everything under the light ? I know most seeds don't need light to germinate, so I never do, unless otherwise specified. I also take the dome off once they have.

    I know what you mean about seed racks ! Temptation is great so I'm staying away from them as much as possible when I go shopping. lol.

  4. It is hard to wait to the given time isn't it? This year I seem to be late and not early which is weird for me.

  5. With some patience, i'm sure that everything will sprout. So, gonna build some more swc's, eh? I built one today myself.

  6. Celery!!! That's next on my list.

  7. Have patience, the others will arrive soon. I have some late arrivals in the seed trays too. Some will truly be non starters, but I have found that often they just need more time to make their appearance then their brothers in nearby flats.

    You may qualify for seed rack intervention assistance. You can call 1-800-OMG-HELP!

  8. I wish I knew! I would have sent you some celery seeds! I have so much more than I could possibly use.

    I'm noticing that some seeds germinate far better in soil blocks than others. I don't know if this is because I improvised on the mix or something else. Anyway, I'm starting to cover my seeds with vermiculite instead of potting mix and sowing seeds that did not germinate well in peat pellets instead.

  9. Liisa: Thanks for the tips. The onions will need a haircut soon. I will try to be more patient and wait for the spinach.

    Stefaneer: I knew spinach and parsley took a while to germinate, but was surprised when some sprouted and others didn’t. Hopefully the others will show themselves soon.

    Miss M: Yes, they are probably ones sewn on the off moon date. Yeah, that’s it! Except all the onions planted on that same weekend sprouted in two days. Hmmm. I think I just need to wait a bit longer :)

    I germinate the seeds on a heating mat with no light. Once they sprout, they are placed under lights and the humidity dome is cracked open a bit. After a few days, the dome is removed completely.

    Daphne: Yes, I am a bit eager to get my seedlings growing. I am sure that it’ll catch up with me soon.

    Ribbit! LOL! Glad I could help remind you

    KitsapFG: I didn’t mean to sound so impatient. I was just surprised that all the onions sprouted all at once, and the others haven’t. I may need seed rack intervention assistance soon. Either that or I’ll have to seriously consider expanding the gardens.

    Thomas: Thanks! I didn’t really know that I wanted to grow celery until I happened to see some seeds in the store and remembered your pics. I thought I would like to give it a try too.

    So far I think my soil blocks are working as well as any other method I have tried in the past. I will have to wait and see.