Monday, February 1, 2010

Seed Starting Area

I set up a seed starting area in the basement on the workbench. For several weeks, I have been shopping around for shelving units that would accommodate a 4-foot shop light per shelf. I wasn’t able to find one, but I did find two 24-inch shelving units.

Placed side by side, I am able to hang two 4-foot shop lights across each shelf. The shelves are 14-inches deep and can accommodate two 4-foot shop lights each if I find that I need to place two rows of plants on each shelf.

I just need to find a heating mat, power strip with a timer, and settle on a soil block mix and I think I am ready.


  1. Very nice setup. You will love the heat mat. They make things germinate so fast.

  2. Looks great. I have just a little bit of work to do on my retrofit, and I'm going to be ready. I think you'll enjoy this and you're very clever with your MacGyvering.

  3. Nice setup! You're getting me really excited now. I guess those soil blocks will stay fine until you are ready to use them??? I was considering making a few in advance too.

  4. Wonderful looking set up! Lots of room, lots of light coverage, and it looks sturdy too. I really need to think about expanding my light set up next year - as I am juggling seeds in and out of the light set up as fast as I can to make room for the next batch of seedlings. Luckily, the greenhouse makes a great "half way house" for the more hardy early crops. Honestly though, a set up like yours would give me a little more room and would be nice to have.

  5. Wow, nice setup! Those shelves are awesome. We use them for storage. Seeing everyone gearing up for the season has me feeling a little envious! My garden is so tiny, my one little grow light is more than enough. HA!

  6. That will work like a charm. I just know that you're gonna love growing your own transplants.

  7. Mine are still set up from last year, but I want to get another light too. One just isn't enough.

  8. Great set-up ! I love the wire shelving.

    I will definitely need to get some extra shelving and ligthing this year. Last year's set-up can't handle this year's list. :P

  9. My heat mat is a simple back heat pad, used on the LOW setting. Works great!

  10. Dan: Thanks! I have a heat mat on order and it should arrive next week.

    Stefaneener: It seems I can never just go to the store and find exactly what I am looking for. Or if I do, it usually costs more than I want to pay. So usually I try to figure out a different way.

    Thomas: The soil blocks were experimental. I wanted to see how they reacted to drying out a bit and re-watering. They held up pretty good.

    KitsapFG: I was obsessing about a seed starting area for a while before I settled on this. I think it will fulfill my needs. It is very sturdy and there is room for extra lights too.

    Momma S: I love the wire shelves. We picked up an extra one for closet storage.

    EG: Thanks, I am sowing my first seeds this weekend! I can’t wait!

    Miss M: I have seen your list and yes, you are probably going to need more shelving and lighting.

    Jimmycrackedcorn: I considered using a heating pad, but purchased a seedling mat anyway. It will fit one shelf perfectly.