Friday, February 26, 2010

Surprises Lurk Beneath the Snow

We were lucky to escape most of the wrath of the storm that raged up the East Coast this week. Overnight it brought a lot of rain and heavy winds that washed out some roads and caused some power outages in surrounding areas. Early today the sun was out and most of the snow that was on the ground was washed away by the rain.

This is how the Square Foot Gardens looked last week:

And here they are today:

The spinach overwintered:

The sage has some new growth:

And the thyme is still alive too:

It looks like this storm is going to linger here over the weekend and provide us with another covering of snow. It was encouraging to view this sneak peek. Spring will be here soon.


  1. Man...I sure do feel bad for you and other gardeners up there. It's been such a brutal winter for sure...

  2. Spring is around the corner! Although we are fogged in AGAIN here in the PNW, things are budding out all over. Sure hope the snow is over for you and that warmer temperatures pass your way. Have a great weekend.

  3. As much as I miss the beauty of snow, I recognize we are so lucky not to have to deal with it here. Although our rain this winter is becoming very tiresome. It's raining again, and my poor daffodils are getting knocked over again. Oh well, 'tis only three more weeks until spring! At least your sage and thyme have survived the onslaught so far. Hopefully warmer weather is ahead very soon!

  4. How inspiring to see the ground and grass ! Lovely peek at what's to come. Hang in there !
    Looks like your spinach overwintered wonderfully.

  5. I did the same thing today. It was nice to get a peak at what was underneath all the snow.

  6. It's amazing how well your spinach overwintered unprotected. It looks like you will be getting a super early crop.

    Unfortunately, we were not spared this past storm...our yard is flooded at the moment!

  7. The overwintered spinach is looking wonderful. Glad you had a brief opportunity to see what was happening in the garden. Hopefully the next covering of snow will be short lived.

  8. That looks good! What a nice start to spring.

  9. EG: We’ve actually had a relatively mild winter here in Maine in terms of snowfall in comparison to those a little south of us. Most of the recent big storms missed us. This last storm brought rain and high winds. There was some flooding and a lot of people lost power from downed tree limbs. Strange winter, that is for sure.

    Di: I am seeing signs of spring too. Some of our summer birds have returned, the blueberry plants have some buds swelling, and I spotted some maple sugar buckets on trees. Spring will be here soon and any snow that falls now won’t last long.

    Curbstone Valley Farm: I have always lived in the Northeast don’t know how it would be to not have snow. February seems like the longest month for me, but by the end there are usually encouraging signs of warmer weather and rebirth. We had a very rainy summer last year and it can be so tiresome. I hope the sun shines on your little farm soon.

    Miss M: Yes, it was nice to get a little peek. As predicted, we woke up to a light covering of snow and it is expected to snow off an on this weekend. I don’t think it will accumulate to much, but everything is covered up again. I was really surprised by the spinach.

    Thomas: I am so sorry about your flooded gardens. I hope the water drains quickly so the cleanup can begin and you can begin preparing your beds for your early spring plantings.

    The spinach has surprised me. I was considering placing a small tunnel over this box in the fall, but never got around to it. The spinach has been covered by insulating snow all winter which probably contributed to its survival. It is encouraging me to try extending the gardening season.

    KitsapFG: Usually snow that falls this time of the year doesn’t last long. I am so eager to get digging in the gardens. Seeing some things overwintered was encouraging.

    Stefaneener: Yes, it was nice to see. Gives me hope that spring will be here soon.

  10. Daphne: Whoops! I almost missed your comment! What a storm that was, huh? It is amazing what can survive beneath that snow.

  11. I was surprised to see how well my spinach overwintered, since it had no protection whatsoever. My shallots are all growing too....but so is the orchard grass in my strawberries, thanks to the neighbors who won't keep it under control :-(