Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seedling Update

The weather was so unseasonably warm lately that it was difficult to resist the urge to plant something in the garden. This week, reality hit and I was reminded that it is MARCH in MAINE. Daytime temperatures reached 70˚F last Saturday then dropped to 48˚F on Sunday. The rest of the week was rainy/snowy and mostly in the 40s during the day and back to below freezing nighttime temperatures. Sheesh! Mother Nature is such a tease.

In reality, I am thankful for the extraordinarily warm weather we have had over the last few weeks. It motivated me to get out to the garden and prepare the beds for planting. It really felt good to play in the dirt.

Instead to feed my gardening urge, I am doting on the seedlings growing under lights in my basement. The soil blocks are so easy to move around and organize. I consolidated and grouped them together into three trays.

Here are some updated pictures of the seedlings.

Lettuce looks good enough to eat:

Onions are getting a haircut each week giving us our first harvest of the year:

Swiss Chard is looking colorful:

Dill are growing their true leaves:

A few weeks ago, I was attempting to harden off some spinach to plant in the SFG, but felt the weather was too harsh last week. So back under the lights for now:

I will begin hardening these spinach plants off again this week. I am going to need this shelf under the lights for the tomatoes and peppers soon.

I started the pepper seeds in soil blocks over the weekend and placed them on the heat mat:

I may need to pre-sprout my tomato seeds using EG of Our Engineered Garden's Germination Method as I am out of room on my heat mat right now. I am most excited about growing peppers and tomatoes from seed for the first time. So this next month should be fun.


  1. Wow! Everything looks fabulous! I'm having trouble resisting the urge to get things done in the vege garden too ... so I haven't resisted! Here's hoping it turns out ok!

  2. I also was having difficulty resisting the urge to plant in the garden beds. What amazing weather! Friday night was a good reminder, it got down to about 17°F here.

    If you are out a room on the heat mat, the top of the fridge is an excellent alternative. It's nice and warm up there.

  3. I love the lettuce. I'm about to plant more tomorrow, myself...totally unplanned, but it's got to go in. Wasting seedlings is one thing, but I can't waste full plants. :(

  4. Oh wow, GM, you seedlings are doing just wonderfully !

    We won't have to resist much longer. They're calling for beautiful weather this week. Perfect for hardening off.

    Good luck with your tomatoes and peppers !

  5. Everything looks great! You possess great willpower in not eating the luscious lettuces, young Padawan. Sorry, DS was watching Star Wars earlier, and I've had a margarita LOL.

  6. Gosh, that lettuce looks ready to eat already. Oh...i'd have to take the outer leaves for a small salad.

  7. I totally love your "doh" moment. Your March is significantly different than ours. The lettuce looks very good.

  8. All looks good and healthy and that lettuce is beautiful as is the Swiss Chard. I have never had much luck growing peppers, but this year may be different; they have finally germinated and I'm going to give them extra warmth and attention this year. ;)

  9. Everything looks perfect, especially those onions!

  10. Kiwi Gomes: I don’t know where you live, but if you are careful and cover things when it gets cold you should be ok.

    Henbogle: It was such a treat to have such warm weather for a while. Yes, it was in the teens here too. Saturday morning we could see our breath. Thanks for the idea to use the top of the fridge. I didn’t think of that.

    Ribbit: At the rate this lettuce is growing, I’ll have to get it planted out soon too.

    Miss M: Thanks! After the rain tomorrow, the weather does look good for hardening off. Maybe I’ll be able to plant out this weekend under the dome.

    Momma S: The lettuce is getting tempting.

    EG: Don’t tempt me

    Stefaneener: Yes, I am sure our March is much different than yours. Some times we still have snow on the ground. This year is unusual for sure.

    Di: This is my first year seriously growing from seeds. I grew one pepper last year that did well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the peppers and tomatoes grow. I can purchase transplants as a backup plan. Good luck with your peppers. I think heat will keep them happy.

  11. Dan: Thanks! Yes the onions seem to be growing really well. Still not sure where I am going to plant them all, but I guess I'll worry about that later :)

  12. Your indoor garden is growing very well! Once you can get those spinach and lettuces into their permanent beds you will not have long to wait for the first harvests. Our temps dropped considerably today and we have had high winds and pouring rain for two days now... glad I have my seedlings protected and that the only thing in the outdoor beds are either super cold hardy or also protected.

  13. That lettuce does look good enough to eat!