Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adding Three Additional Square Foot Gardens to the Garden Spot

This is my second year growing some of my vegetables in Square Foot Gardens (SFGs). I blogged about the assembling of the first three 4x4 boxes here. On Saturday, we assembled three new SFGs to add to the Garden Spot.

We built the 4x4 boxes out of 2x6 boards:

Measured and positioned the boxes:

Added cardboard as a weed inhibitor:

We blended the components of Mel’s Mix in 4x4 SFG batches. About 9 cubic feet fill a 4x4 box. We mixed the vermiculite, compost, and peat moss in a cart. Then dumped the cart into the box for more mixing and generous watering. I also added a scoop of Espoma plant tone to each box and blended it in.

I was pleased to see that the compost had some worms. I made sure this guy ended up in the SFG:

Here are the filled boxes:

Today I will drape some soaker hoses over these beds and soak them thoroughly. It is very important that the mix and the cardboard beneath is saturated. Otherwise the cardboard will wick water from the bed. Then I will stir up the mix again and rake smooth. It will then be ready for planting.

To learn more about Square Foot Gardening visit the following links:
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  1. Those look great. You look like you have a very sunny backyard.

  2. Thanks Daphne! Yes, I am lucky to have a great sunny location for the garden.

  3. Fantastic! We're about to add new beds this week also. I wish I had as much sun as you, however.

  4. Good for you! Now you'll be able to grow twice as much stuff.

  5. Gotta love them wormies! And I wish I had your space!

  6. Ribbit: Yes, it was a wonderful sunny and warm 3-day weekend. I couldn't ask for anything more on SFG construction weekend.

    EG: Amazingly enough, I still feel I don't have enough space for all I want to grow.

    Momma_S: One of the requirements when I was looking for a home to purchase was enough yard for a vegetable garden. I hit the jackpot with this home. The previous owner who built the house was a huge gardner. The garden on the property stretched three times the length that it is today, so there is still room for expansion.